Moyo Lawal Markets Mimi Orjiekwe Makeup Line

Feb 15, 2018 – Moyo Lawal Market Mimi Orjiekwe Makeup Line

Nollywood Queen of “Backside”, Moyo Lawal flaunted her unclad self on the cover of a new makeup line by her colleague, Mimi Orjiekwe.

Her photos gave Mimi Orjiekwe a big sale yesterday as many women and men who adore Moyo’s extremely sexy body were forced to order the highlighter.

Mimi Orjiekwe daring move is the first of its kind in Nollywood.

Moyo Lawal’s Kardashians-like stunt however put her at the mercy of fans who believe she is a disgrace to womanhood.

Here are some comments from her fans:

Must Moyo Lawal go nude to promote a product?

These people have forgotten that young kids with free access to the internet are the most vulnerable.

End time don reach my people. #say no to nudity.

8 thoughts on “Moyo Lawal Markets Mimi Orjiekwe Makeup Line

  1. NG abeg tell them o. Awon were gbogbo. Everything oyinbo do dem go copy.If oyinbo enter fire dem go follow them enter fire. Whether na ororo (groundnut oil) dem dey take rub bodi when dem go naked and post for pictures wey their bodi go dey like water

  2. See her rainbow legs sef::she nor fit buy beter bleaching cream sef ::those oyibo wen manifacture caroll wite must be blame for dis::i don waka jor

  3. Every nollywood artist will start make up business now, shallow mentality people.
    They have no sense of humour and no creativity, all they know is to copy anything they see people doing.

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