Funke Akindele Second Marriage To JJC Crashing Over Insecurity And Lack Of Trust – Insider

funke akindele second marriage crashed

December 3rd, 2017 – Funke Akindele Second Marriage To JJC About To Crash Over Insecurity & Lack Of Trust

Funke Akindele Jenifa Is Having Problem In Her Marriage But She Is Patching Things Up With Prayers – Insider

A source who wrote NG to ask for prayers and privacy for Funke Akindele recently has returned with yet another mind blowing details.

Although the source used a different name this time around, her IP sold her out.

The source using an IP traced to Spain said Funke Akindele’s marriage to Rasheed Bello aka JJC is marred with frequent arguments and fight that is still being contained by close friends of the couple.

funke akindele 2nd marriage crashed

Here is what the source sent to on Saturday:

“The thing now is that both of them have been fighting frequently as Jenifa is feeling very bad because of all the thing that just happened to her. You people have to really pray for her because prophetess had already warned her not to marry JJC but she didn’t listen to her.  She is still patching things up because of the business they are doing together. Though she is hoping things will turn around but when the crack on the wall is finally visible, she will part ways with that guy (referring to JJC). I hope it will not be too late”

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From what the family insider wrote, she is not happy with JJC and Funke Akindele’s marriage.

The Prophetess she was referring to is Funke Akindele’s mother.

As a matter of fact, her mother and father were absent at her wedding ceremony that held in London last year August because they didn’t approve her relationship with the notorious baby daddy.

A source NG called the moment we received the email said the only thing she noticed about JJC is that he care less if Funke born ‘pikin’ because he is already fathering several kids with different women.

But JJC “I don’t care attitude” attitude towards Funke Akindele’s conception and fertility issue is very concerning.

“She really want to have a child but is she destined to have a child in life. Why can’t she go for adoption. If I were in her shoes and I really want a child, I will just go for surrogacy or adoption.” – the source said.

Recall that a lady who identified herself as Simbiat said last year that she is the only true lover of JJC.

Simbiat who threatened Funke Akindele’s happiness in her second marriage categorically said JJC married her for money and that she (Simbiat) is his only genuine lover.

Back to the story of Prophetess Akindele, this is not the first time she will be disapproving Funke’s union.

Her first marriage to serial polygamist, Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede back in 2012 was disapproved by her mother who was later prevailed on by family members to bless the couple, sadly the marriage ended a year later.

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26 thoughts on “Funke Akindele Second Marriage To JJC Crashing Over Insecurity And Lack Of Trust – Insider

  1. But why is she making too much mistakes. She needs to watch it
    May be all this is happening because she has offended her mother

  2. Can you guys mind your business and stop wishing them bad? Why are people so out to see other people unhappy?And what the hoot is your cup of tea in their relationship? If you have nothing to say zip your front door and if you know you love them, wish them well and continue to pray for them.
    Please mind what you say about people as there is power in spoken words.

  3. Let her call me with this number if after one year she did not have twins let her know there is no God in heaven and let her arrest me 08038235865

  4. i am one of jenifer fans i can neva wish her bad i loved u so much and by d special grace of allah u will neva regret of coming to world u will nt lack anytinz in life

  5. God you said you will make a way where there is no way I pray to God on behalf of funke akindele to open way for her in Jesus name…

  6. She needs to stop contacting all her politician sugar daddies, until she stop fornicating that is when she will have a successful marriage if not she remain taste and dump woman. Ashawo bastard, so you can even suspect your pajawiri so called husband. What goes around comes around, it a karma.

  7. people should stop pulking into other people affair .bcos there is no marriage without problem.more over they are not perfect.

  8. ola, vicent, you guys are big thieves i must tell you …. i hate Nigeria guy with passion. so you guys want to tell me, you can do better than the husband? plea

  9. Funke ,can u try and inbox me and let me tell you about the dream I have about you some years ago and I told people I know just that I can’t get to you because I don’t know how to get to you so,your problems is not natural ,inbox me

  10. Linda Evans it’s very obvious dat you are d one looking for away to spoil funke’s name dat she has built for years, i*******************

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