Popular Nollywood Actress Who Was A Prostitute When She Met Her Husband Exposed

nollywood actress prostitute met husband

December 3rd, 2017 – Popular Nigerian Actress Who Met Her Husband While Working As Prostitute Exposed

One of the most talked about Nollywood actresses of all time has been exposed for her dark past.

Though she didn’t intentionally ventured into prostitution, she did it to source money for her family.

Here is the touching story of a lovely actress that most ladies look up to as mentor today.

NaijaGists.com will not be mentioning name to prevent wahala.

NG was privileged to be in Enugu for a function yesterday where the dark secret of the actress was exposed.

The cross-over actress who is based in one of the South Western states is really doing well for her self. She is happily married and has kids.

NG was told yesterday that the woman in question didn’t wish to venture into  prostitution but the madam she was working for took advantage of her vulnerability and used her beauty to her advantage.

To cut the long story short, she reportedly met her husband in one of the popular hotels in the SW where she was contracted to be servicing him on a regular basis but the man fell in love with her when she told him her pathetic life story. That was how her trip to stardom began.

She has grown to become an icon and and inspiration. Her current way of life will make people doubt her past as she is probably one of the most decent mothers in Nollywood.

10 thoughts on “Popular Nollywood Actress Who Was A Prostitute When She Met Her Husband Exposed

  1. I know her I will not be mentioning name also because she is my mentor. Mr writer Please don’t approve anyone that mention her real name I beg of you

  2. She ‘was’ a prostitute-PAST TENSE! She ‘is’ an icon- PRESENT TENSE. So dont contradict yourself by saying she is ‘exposed’, rather she is a ‘victor’!

    • Our neighbor from my former abode who is a well respected Naval officer married one of the prostitute who conducted her daily business in his hotel.

  3. Life is sometimes funny. Perhaps the purpose of that era in her past was just to enable the actress meet her loving husband. Let the past remain firmly in the past where it belongs for she is not that girl you now talk about. She is a responsible mother and mentor so focus on that. As wise people say, don’t condemn a person until you have walked two kilometers in his shoes.
    The psalmist has said it all…..if God should mind our iniquities, who will survive?

  4. She must speak out so that other young ladies will know her ordeal and the trend to fight against such tricks of their adopters.

  5. Life is funny and the people in it never want your success. She was in her time of trials engaged in activities that brings disrepute yes! We live in a society where no one is ready to help, assist or support anyone. She may have done those things but she is not going to be who people wants her to be at the bottom of life.

    Many people in high places today are never proud of their previous pasts. Some are born with silver spoons hence they can say they are holy but what about the heinous crimes and atrocities their parents committed to give them that holier than thou status? Pls allow the lady be and in her own time she might be bold and brave enough to publicly share her experience to give hope to others going through same transition.

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