Funsho Adeolu Blames Tee Billz For Tiwa Savage’s Marriage Crash, Says His Love Is Not Genuine

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May 14, 2016 – Funsho Adeolu Blames Tee Billz For Tiwa Savage’s Marriage Crash, Says His Love Is Not Genuine


In an exclusive chat with Lanre Odukoya, veteran Nollywood actor Funsho Adeolu spoke about Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage’s marriage crash and how the man of the house messed up his wife.

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Lanre Odukoya

The Tiwa Savage/ TeeBillz debacle is yet to finally fizzle away, what do you think went wrong in that marriage?

Funsho Adeolu:

It’s unfortunate that people don’t know why they are getting married these days. It’s not possible for you to love somebody and then go to the public to shame him or her. For instance, it’s impossible for my wife and I to have an irreconcilable fight.

But God forbid, if that happens, it’s impossible for me to speak ill of her. Permit me to use this English, ‘I can never spoil her with my lips.’ It’s not possible. If you have a friend, that’s someone you don’t have a romantic relationship with, and you truly love him or her, you would find out that speaking ill of the person is your shame too.

So you just won’t do that. My point is that they were not genuinely in love from the start; or let me say maybe one of the two was not sincerely in love with the other. Tunji is a man, he shouldn’t have made those reckless allegations about his wife in public.

They say women are the makers of home but men are the head. Well, it’s late to cry over spilled milk. The deed is done and so much lessons have been learnt from their mess. Even if they come back together, I have fears for that marriage. Somebody is not true to himself or herself in that union. The number of divorce cases in our courts is alarming.

13 thoughts on “Funsho Adeolu Blames Tee Billz For Tiwa Savage’s Marriage Crash, Says His Love Is Not Genuine

  1. You weyris judje Tee Bill, are you dey good? Don’t judje so that you will not be judje. Let the man wey was not sin bifor throw stone. But I no go dey there bifor he throw the stone for my head. Nonsens.

  2. Nobody is above mistake who told you dat dey are not geniuly in love with each other and if they actually came together which is my prayer they can Make things right with the help of God .for your own case is not your knowledge and power is God grace in there own case that is dere own temptation in marriage I believe God will intervene cos dere is nothing impossible for him. stop blaming anyone instead pray for dem and stop discouraging their coming back together. Lv you tee bliz and tiwa balogun.

  3. Why would someone like Tiwa in d first place marry a married man with children? Is she too ugly not meet her own man? I dont blame Teebliz, he took advantage of a woman that failed to recognise her worth and value. The worst of all is that she used her own sweat to do her wedding in Dubai,shame on her. Devil always uses desperados like her to split marriages.Look at personality like Geneveve Nnaji, Rita Domnic. LadIES with dignity. Why didnt they run after some married men in town.Rubbish

  4. You have spoken well Mr Adeolu,truth is bitter but it must be told.A man who left his first wife for another lady must be a gold digger or a selfish fool.

  5. U spoke perfectly well..
    dat real ingredient in marriage known as true love here is lacking.
    dis z a lesson 2 all

  6. In apropos to what Mr. Adeolu said, love in a marriage should be 50-50 for things to work fine.
    But if the ratio is 70-30 there is bound to be squabbles in the home for sure.

    I take a stroll…

  7. Leave this boy alone,he has suffered most in the whole of this,ket him come back to life with prayers,he needs to fnd is feet back,let rebrand him with good words,someone trusted him with 45mil,pls let him fulfil his God given destiney,enough said.

  8. Pls leave him alone,let him fulfil God prophecy in his life,let us rebrand him with our mouth,he needs our trusted him with 45mil,let hope someone else will do more with oprayers,the genesis of the proble. Was finace

  9. There’s no love indeed, because if there is, they would have resolved their issues without the public hearing of it.

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