Gay Man Arrested In Edo State Village Sent To Evil Forest To Be Used As Sacrifice To Appease The Gods

gay man used as sacrifice in edo state

May 18, 2017 – Edo Man Arrested For Being Gay Sent To Evil Forest  To Appease The Gods Of Uhunmwode Community In Edo State, Partner At Large

Gay Man Arrested In Edo State Village Sent To Evil Forest To Be Used As Sacrifice To Appease The Gods Of The Land

Two years have gone by since the  people of Uhunmwode Community in  Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State, declared Prince Osarumwense Edohen and Omo Valentine wanted for homosexual activities. While Omo Valentine has been apprehended and sent to the evil forest of the community in order to appease the gods of the land, Prince Osarumwense Edohen is still at large.

The Chief Priest of the community, Elder Igohen, has reiterated the need for the remaining culprit, Osarumwense, to be apprehended and brought to the community to face the consequences of his actions. According to him, “the community has continued to suffer from poor farm produce since the duos, Prince Osarumwense Edohen and Omo Valentine desecrated our land with their unnatural acts of immortality”.

According to the media aid to the Chief Priest, Mr. Oteghekpen Idiado, “until the remaining culprit, Prince Osarumwense, is apprehended and sent to the evil forest to meet his ancestors, there will be no progress on the land. This reports of unproductive farmlands and famine might continue to prevail. There is the need to apprehend Osarumwense so that the sacrifice to the gods of the land can be complete”.

Meanwhile, “letters and photographs of Osarumwense have been sent out to the sons and daughters of Uhunmwode Community across the nation to facilitate his apprehension.

We also urge every well meaning members of our community to report the whereabouts of the culprit so that peace and fruitfulness can be return to the land”.

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14 thoughts on “Gay Man Arrested In Edo State Village Sent To Evil Forest To Be Used As Sacrifice To Appease The Gods

  1. A nation where jungle justice flourishes will never teach these gay demons a k
    lesson.ordinary pick pocket is lynched by angry mob talkless of homosexual acts.the deity is hungry for the other guy on the run..relocate or face the native and our constitional penalties..its adam and eve not adam and steve

  2. Though what they did is wrong, Thai should not affect farm produce, use modern farming system, application of fatilizer and chemical

  3. Na like this wey evil forest dey for Edo State? It fine o. I go want make they take me there. Edo State no fine but their evil forest fine. Is a thing of jelosy to other pipul. I want to go to that evil forest. Abeg Adam Oshomole come and take me there. Mercy Aigbe, also come and take me there. Na there I want to build my house.

  4. Is it because people of the same sex cannot conceive that the alleged offence of these two men has impacted negatively on farm produce? What is the connection?

  5. So we still live like in Stone Age where twins were killed, slaves are used to bury chiefs, the sick are sent to the forest. People should let homosexuals live. These guys just have another sexual orientation and thats all. Live and let others live. Stop punishing People based on religious and cutural Dogma. After all cultural and religious doctrines are not rational but delusional. Probably the chief priest is a homosexualist and is indirectly looking for a Partner to join him in the forest.

  6. Bench it’s good you like the evil forest and you would like to won house there, no problem come and I will take you because I am from Edo state.

  7. I am not in support of these gay people,the truth is they are really sick but my question with this their evil forest god or whatever it is, are they gays the result of no development in that community? If this their god is active,no need to ask people to look for him, that god should locate that person by him/herself.

    These so called Chief priest commits atrocities and will be looking for innocent blood to appease their god, the gods that do not like electricity and good roads, i tire for una.

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