Genevieve Nnaji Against Drinking Coke, Promotes Healthy Living On Instagram

genevieve nnaji coke

Oct 31, 2013 – Genevieve Nnaji Against Drinking Coca Cola, Promotes Healthy Living On Instagram

Big names have a way of influencing a product because anything they say can positively or negatively impact the brand.

Genevieve Nnaji recently shared a photo of herself picking bottled water from the fridge after a workout session.

Genny told fans to ignore the bottom part of the fridge which contained 2 bottles of Coca cola.

Check out her caption below:

Rise and shine!!! Stay healthy”.PS: ignore bottom fridge.

I’m very sure fans that read this message on her Instagram page won’t buy coke on that day.

This must be the secret of her youthful looking figure.

18 thoughts on “Genevieve Nnaji Against Drinking Coke, Promotes Healthy Living On Instagram

  1. Genevieve u have said the truth
    Coke is the major cause of many heart condition related to obesity
    I wish our people can wake up to dis reality

  2. Ashawo still dey advice person oooo, I don’t know why all these actress always say rubbish all in the name of popularity, I have never heard any doctor in the world have ever said coke drinks damage the system/body, I don’t know where Genevieve got her own stupid advice from, my friend go and marry, Ashawo non be work

    • Bezo or what do your call urself, access to the internet is not only to make foolish comment like yours but, to also make research on things you don’t know or know more about the little you know. Saying you have never heard any doctor in the world saying SOFT DRINK is dangerous to human’s health, it means you don’t listen to news or watch program on health talk rather, you go about looking for prostitute since you can easily recognize one. You are a BIG FOOL.

  3. Bezo or whatever your name is, don’t you think one of Genevieve alike to your family would have make you a better person? The girl is still young and blessed with talent and you are there saying rubbish,touch not blessed once and do my atress no harm.Say what she said and see who will hear your voice LOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  4. Bezo always saying ruBbish. I am not surprised at all. Daft creature. Bezo anywhere u dey go o,rubbish go dey follow follow u o. *sings*. LOL

  5. U dat is calling her ashawo, what are u? fool, is it ur business if she is married or not, useless thin. Coca is fatten if u don’t kw. Big fool BEZO

  6. so u guy neva knew dat porverty is reason why there is hatred in dis country of ours, beso is just one of them languishing in porverty dat is why he can neva be happy with genny or any one else. Dont pray to be poor it so bad.

  7. Bezo,you re full of rubbish and stupidy.if Genevive were one of your stupid family members,wouldnt you be happy.FOOL.

  8. Na u business if geny na ashawo she has money,she famous nd she is a celebrity what ar u? U ar a nobody nd u ar calling her ashawo.

  9. Bezo z a senselex boi. Idiot, illiterate. Y ar u jealous bcos u dnt av it. If u continue lyk dis, u wil remain poor in ur lyf. Nonsense

  10. hey dis muthafucka called bezo u are just a pauper neva u compare genny to ur family u are stinking poor boi shame on u idiot

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