Genevieve Nnaji & Karen Igho Rated Worst Dressed Celebrities At AMVCA

genevieve nnaji karen igho worst dressed

March 10, 2013 – Genevieve Nnaji & Karen Igho Rated Worst Dressed Celebrities At AMVCA

Several Nigerian celebrities rocked 2013 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) red carpet event last night in Lagos.

Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji and former Big Brother Africa winner, BBA star Karen Igho have been rated the worst dressed celebrities among several other decently dressed ladies.

The two dare their fans by wearing deep V-cut dresses that shamelessly exposed their breasts…

Nigerians are people with culture…. so where is that culture in this indecent exposure of what should have dignified them?

What do you think about their deep V-cut dresses?

48 thoughts on “Genevieve Nnaji & Karen Igho Rated Worst Dressed Celebrities At AMVCA

  1. Xtreme madness for genevieve,if only she knew hw deep-rooted i am as her fan.About that other useless b**ch,i got to know she’s a big fool during her days in BBA.To hell with you.

  2. Haba, this is too bad. Genny u betrayed ur fans… As for Karen i only have one thing to say to her shameless seductress…

  3. Excuse me pls what is d fuss abt what both of them are wearing?!!! Don’t other girls dress in indecent ways…nigerians always like to feel among by wearing skimpy things.everyone is makn noise bcos they exposed their breasts…in a few months time,u will start seeing girls on the street wearing a ‘trending’ style exposing their breast….so before u criticize them make sure u don’t wear things that expose ur God given body(temple of the holy spirit) to the world.we can’t criticize them if we do the same thing in a mild form.cuz its only a gradual process.

  4. I’m always irked whenever people just so easily condemn others to the point of calling’em “useless b***h.” That gal might have her excesses but are we so quick to forget her large heart? She was up for eviction in the BBA house,but chose not to usurp herself for another. Lets stop being judgemental & advise instead. Bad dressing tho from’em both.

  5. oh what a lovely outfit.guys what wrong with this dress? if you can`t appreciate please shout your mouth Thanks

  6. Wow….diz gals ar just d true astonizn divas….i must say dat d 2 of yo ar so fuckn lukn cute. Go girlz….while dey spend deir full tym gosipn.

  7. Oh noooo,gene u have disappointed me with this dress of yours.Did u looked well on the mirror b4 stepping out for the award ceremoney?…I like you so much but i will rethink my likeness do to this act.Maybe u have to put stop to such for as we igbo used to say..nke echi kakwa nma

  8. Infact this is incredible, what are you trying to teach the society? deviating ur cultural attire does that make you look anylonger a role model. Pls go and adjust your way and this media shouldn’t make you temperament. Africa magic and u are looking english magic

  9. it takes those we adore/love to introduce us to the filth which will demoralise our society.slowly its creeping in,but surely it will make its way.Nollywood turning into hollywood,it begins with the popular stars,so i am not surprise with Gen or any other.”Donot put ur trust in the arm of flesh,for they will surely fail you.

  10. What’s the fuss about!genevieve looks stunning…drop dead georgous!!!karens own was a little bit too much but who cares!…the dresses are fine jor….peeps dat r here pretending might even dress worse dan this!

  11. it takes those we adore/love to introduce filth to our already demoralised society.slowly but surely it will make its way through,Nollywood turning to Hollywood.donot put you trust in the arm of flesh.Satan introduces the things that are unacceptable to God through our loved ones,take heed.choose you today,whom will you serve.

  12. I’m really disappointed in u gene, u r my role model but dis is way too nude to be sexy dear. I really admire u so much to see u in dis kind of outfit. Where r d good morals dat u always hav? I’m just angry wit u!

  13. It is said dat ” u wil a address d way u dress” Geneviv nd karen, if not d way u guyz ar dress dis public disurbance. Geneviv am ur fan, pls nigeria is cultured.

  14. Hmmmmm! Actress. The corruption in the society now are mostly adopted from you so called Actors and Actress. You dressing is not really amaze me cause i believe this couldnt be the first time you are putting this on. It is a big shame to you and your people,cause eyes have they,they cant see. Mouth have they,they cant talk. It is a disgrace to yourself. Wait ooo… What award have you now??? You award is the worst dressing. I hope you will be in door for days for you to weep and cry aloud for your unreasonable act. Hmmmm! See your breast outside all for the sake of dressing. You should make a O shape instead of V shape. So that we can see everything… Cause we are seeing little of your being. Disgrace to urself,family,fans,movie industry and to the country. To you all looking at this sytl i no you will want to do as well. Then you are not a human being anymore. Let the previous comment said.your body is the tempel of God. Dress moderate

  15. Gene y will u stoop so low? U’ve always bn adored, y now trying 2 call attention? Dis cut is too exposing 4 decency sake as 4 Karen, I don’t know wot 2 say, dan 2 beg her 2 rememba her value as an African.

  16. Karen dosen’t disappont with her outfits babes you ar too much and for Gene she’s just trying to belong

  17. wia is d moral we re talking about? what will d kids learn from dis madness? is nakedness part of d Africa Magic Awards Show also…. Dis show of madness is not African

  18. Genny! i know u watch urself very well in this pix,i pray ur daughter dress like u,,,,ur daughter is among the pippl that u corrupting,,she is watching u very soon she poss nude.

  19. Geneviv! want 2 show the world that after gettin close to be called grand mum her breast stil stand,,,,she thought Men are not coming bcos they felt her breast don fall,,,dont mind those men,,,,,,, e still stand,, mama u no get shame,,my only advice 4 u is becarefull so that anoda man wil not put u in a familly way an still leave u

  20. Gene you are one of the most
    loved but now i know you must have lost most of your admirers!
    For karen it was not a supprise
    ‘cos we all knew how waywords and unserious you were at the BB AFRICA hence i did not expect less

  21. Gene who are you trying to seduce? for God sake you are married I wonder why your husband should allowed you to put on that shameless dress. please try to be more descent am one of your fan

  22. you 2 don’t have to be indecent to be trendy. this is shameful and bastadization of womanhood. Good legacy to your children.

  23. Plsss ya all haterzzzzzz $ critics, Leave Gene alone, don’t see anything wrong in showing a little skin in a red carpet, that’s what those moments are for! If you dint like it, stop watching celebrities Red carpet show! Nigerians ll always want to do as if they know best, you that is talking do u know how many indecent fins u do behind close doors! Na you holy pass? Jes open you mouth and say trash abt people! If u don’t like to see skins beeing shown by celebrities, go buy church channels cable! HYpocrites!!!


  25. stupid whores. gene proves innocence most times u tink she is really one? if i hear. karen dont even there we knw her na cheap publicity attention seeker.

  26. stupid whores. gene proves innocence most times u tink she is really one? if i hear. karen dont even go there we knw her as a cheap publicity attention seeker.

  27. Genny is one of the women i respected most in nollywood, i wonder why on earth she will dress like that.

  28. Karen igho an gene look @ omotola an funke akindele dey ar good lookin women like u. God will not let u chang ontil deat an u ar goin 2222222 hellfair. Gbemi EmmaNayra an ibinabo Febresima ur awards is hellfair by god grase amen

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