Genevieve Nnaji Drives Porche Panamera On Vacation In LA..Photos

genevieve nnaji porche panamera

Genevieve Nnaji who gave us some Coachella goals last week is still enjoying her vacation in California.

The actress and her bestie, Stephanie Chis recently embarked on a road trip from LA to an unknown destination in California.

The Nollywood enjoyment babe few hours ago uploaded photos of herself riding Porsche Panamera as she poses for camera.

Since Genny quit full time acting months ago, the actress has been going from one vacation destination to the other.

Mama Chimebuka is now chopping life like there is no tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Genevieve Nnaji Drives Porche Panamera On Vacation In LA..Photos

  1. Hope she has plans for her life. All this show off will do u no good. Genevieve my forever love what will u gain from this

  2. Enjoy yourself….at least it’s good as she give space to the upcoming young ladies to shine in Nollywood, we have this problem of not giving chance to the younger ones because we want to dominate at every time until death come without any chance to enjoy the money (regardless how it’s made), by hard-work or soft-work.

  3. Driving a car in L.A.? Is that an achievement? Driving a car in U.S.A. is not a big deal. U can be flipping burger at McDonald’s and be driving Mercedes 300C as long as you can pay the car note. Everything is a big deal for Nigerians in Nigeria.

    • @Chinedu you said my mind. People will be laughing at Nigerians. Some time ago one of the musicians posed with Chevy Camero.

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