Genevieve Nnaji’s Daughter, Ebuka Revealed (Photos)

genevieve nnaji daughter photos

August 6, 2013 – Genevieve Nnaji’s Daughter, Ebuka Revealed  (Pictures)

Meet the beautiful daughter of Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji.

Her name is Ebuka (The short form of Chimebuka).

After many years of keeping fans in suspect, the mother of one is fully ready to show the world she is proud of her only child.

As an active Facebook user, Ebuka has been linked with Genny for a while but she allegedly denied it in a bid to hide her from the media.

For the very first time, Genevieve Nnaji has revealed Ebuka‘s identity by releasing their first public photo together.

According to sources, Ebuka is based in the US with her father but she often shuttles between Nigeria and America.

Ebuka is the product of Genevieve Nnaji’s brief romance with a Nigerian-American man from Ondo state.

Genny had Ebuka when she was a teenager around 17 years of age.

Like mother, like daughter.. they are both beautiful.

Here are more photos of Genevieve Nnaji’s daughter, Ebuka

genevieve nnaji daughtersexy Ebuka

genevieve nnaji daughter photo

genevieve nnaji daughter ebuka

32 thoughts on “Genevieve Nnaji’s Daughter, Ebuka Revealed (Photos)

  1. Genevive go ad mary o! Cn n’t u cur mate.GOD reject bastard child o.genny wetn make u art b.f nah.i dn’t c dat fuckin tin wy u dy hide. I hate u.ur woman hond na pot of soup nt swt 1 bt bita

    • u dnt even know hw 2 adress som1, Genny u did d right tin 4 nt exposin ur treasure(baby) its ur pround of u 4 nt aborting d pregnancy or denying her as ur child.dis idiot respest,i dnt no wat he is talki abat.RESPECT-let ur younger sister get pregnant b4 marriage den u will no wat it is 2 b a mother,may God help u,[email protected] RESPECT.

  2. @ Respect, u r big fool wit capital F. Na ur mama b bastard, ungratful idiot, enemy of progress. U r just jealous because in ur family and ur entire generation, u v not heard or seen someone as famous as genny. Big fool

  3. Genny is pretty dan her daughter desipte her age…[email protected] respect u r a fool.genny did not act bf eventhough she act naa ur business,y u dey drink pesin mecidine,genny acting bf dey give u sleepless nite.pls pocket ur mouth well.una no get celebrity 4 una house dat is the reason u r talking,tell ur family make una be celebrity.

  4. Y re u guyz talkin like this, can a mothe b more beutiful than the young daughter i dont think is possible. Ebuka is a tresured pure daimond while her mum is gold

  5. Ebuka is pretty but her mom is prettier than her because her mom most times puts on light makeup and still looks wonderful and genny has a baby face with a wonderful shape. Keep it up genny!!!! You and Omosexy, I love una well

  6. Genny ur daughter is pretty but u r prettier , u’ve inspired me in many ways , on how to maintain colour , body etc. Keep up with ur hardwork , luv u .

  7. What a wonderful decision. What she did was right. But the girl is beautiful. My question is this! Has she excepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal serviour?

  8. Genny, we have not met b4 but what u must know is that chimebuka, is ur life. And u must hand her with care. Draw her closer to ur family.

  9. u ladies are pretty..i howeva dont fynk Genny is prettier dan her baby ,i fynk dat can only be said if we have a picture of Genny wen she was at her daughter’s age.

  10. I fynk they are both pretty n I dont fynk Genny is prettier dan her daughter.this can only be concluded if we compare a pic of Genny wen she was jer daughters age to her daughters pic .

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