Ghost Caught On CCTV Surveillance Camera In London, UK (Real Footage Video)

ghost caught on camera real video footage

Feb 22, 2013 – Ghost Caught On CCTV Surveillance Camera In London UK (Real Footage Video)

The video shows a slim man suddenly appear outside the entrance of South Ruislip Community Association and Community Centre on February 1.

It captures the transparent figure walking calmly towards a metal railing before seemingly disappearing into thin air.

The strange moment was reportedly witnessed by the centre’s caretaker who went outside to investigate.

‘I was sitting inside the hall and noticed a figure on the front CCTV camera,’ the caretaker is quoted as saying in the video.
‘I looked up at the screen and thought I saw a person but wasn’t sure so went out to check.’

He added: ‘I went outside and no one was there but I thought they might have quickly walked around the side of the building into the park so I just went back in.

‘After downloading the CCTV footage I was surprised to see that the figure had been recorded onto the system.
‘I can’t explain this.’ A previous chairman is said to have believed the building was haunted and he used to greet the spirits when he entered the building in an attempt ‘to make them friendly’.

See the video below.

Video of Real Ghost Caught On Surveillance Camera In UK In February 2013

[Source: Metro News UK]

8 thoughts on “Ghost Caught On CCTV Surveillance Camera In London, UK (Real Footage Video)

    • compleate and hutter fake, ghost dont apear or disapear like that, i should know ive seen how its done with my very own eyes and they dont do it like that

  1. is the shadow of the guy that came out. watch the ghost the dressing is the same. the assumed ghost is actually the shadow the the security man that came out.

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