Question Of The Day: Is It Proper To Answer Sir To Your Husband?

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Feb 22, 2013 – Question Of The Day: Is It Proper To Answer Sir To Your Husband?

Hello gals,

I have a question bugging my mind. My best friend is fond of using SIR for her husband and when I told her to stop the habit, she found it offensive.

She claims women in modern days no longer respect their husbands and that her mother called her father SIR.

When her hubby ring her on the phone, she always answer with SIR.

I find it very annoying especially when we are in the company of friends or at the mall.

Is this respect or fear? What would be your best advice on this issue?

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  1. It is not fear,rather is a sign of respect,like me am nt yet married but i ansa my boy frnd sir wen ever he called me both on don tink she is fearin him rather she is respectin him cos she’s unda him…

  2. pls liv d couple alone. Kip ur nose out of their biznes. If u cant use sir for ur hubby, fine but dont influence or instigate ur friend to change. U should perhaps respect their marriage than being a bad comany

  3. looking at it in a religious angle is not a question and i think that is how God wants it,can we now use modern day to destroy our haven ?

  4. My husband should be my friend n my partner,not my boss or OGA in d it is not advicable to use SIR,Why not use other words like YES DEAR,YES Sweetheart than answering him sir.

    • is he a commander or general?sweet words of endearments can be used.what are we afraid of?also do some of us fail to show public affection,a peck on the chick,lips,ahug,holding hands,should not be a hard thing to do.

      • This is not a question of how do people think of it,but it’s a question of what the couple want or agree to operate on. It doesn’t matter how she answers her hubby, what matters most is peace in her marriage. Let’s stop being bad influence to others.

  5. BUSYY BODY,MIND UR BUSINES,JST SAY U wnt to covet ur frend’s hubby.shows hw traind ur mum as traind u.piss off!

  6. To answer your husband sir is part of what the bible teach us that honor their father and their mother so your days will be long,remember that is not saying only your parent,but even those that senior to you,husband is like father,the same bible says Jesus is the head of man why man is the head of she is doing the right thing.lean from her.

  7. I c my hubby as my best frnd n 4 us 2 remain close i dnt use dat word SIR & he’s ok wit it but may not b d same 4ur frnd so let her be.

  8. i do nt c any offence it is d affectionate way d couple have lived in their marriage true allegience 2 her husband live alone ur short lived DEAR, HNY SWEET HEART ANGEL QUEEN.

  9. their is nothing wrong its jst dat Sir is mostly used in a formal way , its jst one way of showing respect, but if u want to make yr husband your close friend calling him Sir its sumthing else

  10. When u seen smtin bad in YES SIR what about My lord. U ar a bad company to do away wt. Tojubole, Solo-makinde[INTROVERT]

  11. please , in the name of JESUS,what GOD has joined together,let no man or anyone put asunder by way of wrong advise. Every couple have a way they call or address themselves. Dont enter into another mans house and do what you ve not been asked to advise on.NA YOU CIVILISE PASS ABI.

  12. alot z wrong with it cos she claims to be her moda of olding nd 4get dz modern world bt if she cnt take ur advice 1day d husband ll turn against her.

  13. To me i will not call my husband yes Sir,i do call him My dear ,half of me in our language,if he wanr yes Sir let him go to office,we are both 50-50 Love partner marriage life call husband and wife ,not husband and workers.

  14. Any name ur husband feels comfortable with in respond to calls or being addressed with should be of whatthe heart desire but not by his real name,so answering SIR’ is not crime.

  15. Sarah in the Bible called and answered her husband Abraham my Lord. I call my wife many names including Oga and she answers me sir etc. It’s simply a mark of respect. Without controversy, the man is the head of the home, simply put, the senior- no matter the age difference and financial status. Every family is unique. Discover what makes your own unique and stick to it. May I note as a marriage counsellor, that the best enviable and sweetest marriage is the one where both partners are born again. The home where Jesus is enthroned Lord of all is simply heaven on earth. You have the opportunity today to give your life to Jesus and trust God to make your home heavenly. I salute.

  16. Well, I don’t really care what she calls her husband but I surely not going to call my Nigerian husband SIR. Responding to my husband in using words: honey, love, darling, gorgeous would make him feel happy and respect anyway! If your friend wants to practice her mother’s tradition, then it’s good for her. Bet your best friend’s husband must be very proud of her….

  17. Submitg urself 1 2anoda in d fear of God. Wives submit urselves unto ur huby as unto d Lord. 4d huby is d head of d wife even as Christ … Ephesians 5:22-23. Its a sign of respect n its Biblical.

  18. @All those of you that supported guys should socialize…it is totally wrong for you to answer SIR to your husband or boyfriend etc…..its local….its crazy………not at this age and era

  19. I am very big on respect but i can’t use sir for my hubby. It is a matter of comfort, if she feels okay with it, why not?

  20. To those that can not answer their husband SIR. It is a big disgrace to them and meanwhile may be their parent doesnt not lay down good example for them. is a sign to show that you respect him and you come from a good home. Some call their husband by name,what do you expected your children to call your husband??? We are just loosing everything because of this so called civilization…

  21. hello woman you need to be carefull with that devil you called your friend, all what she want is that she is looking for away to snatched your husband away from you. you just continue the way you addressed you hubby that’s the normal thing. Bibble says wife summit yourself to your husband and husband show love to your wife.

  22. A good wife is rare. Sarah calls Abram her husband ‘my lord’. So when a man is not a heady type who acknowledges that you address that way out of love and obedience to the will of God, why not. Why some women might find it difficult to do is cos some men might be senseless enough to think you are afriad of him and take their leadership to the next level.

  23. Some people get huge problem wooo…. What’s wrong in a wife addressing her husband ”sir”… Miss… Pls let ur friend be ad stop al dz bugging… Se knows what’s good for her and after all, it’s family matter. Pls STOP POKNOSING into ppls affairs….. Civilisation my ass….

  24. To me der is no big deal in that. An again Sir is used by our old parents during der dayz. As 4 mi o, i cant welcom dat @ al. Y not yes Dear, Honey, Love.

  25. what is wrong in answering the head of the family sir,some woman are proud,arrogant and they dont have the teaching both at home and in the bible what is take to respect thier hubby,i have see alot of woman who senior thier husband and they still use sir for them.all this is to keep the home moving forward, more peace in the house and finally to teach children what it takes to have a wonderful home

  26. Hmmm !!! Dats nothing Oº°˚˚°º,if she likes she should cal him sir dats her own cup of wat I wil say is,d romance is nt there @all:

  27. Is my husband my boss in d office or my lover.4 me that’s d last thing I’ll use.i’ld better use yes dear,sweetie,honey,love, least there’s much affection with these…that doesn’t show disrespect rather it shows love & happiness.

  28. It is nt ryt at all. It makes d woman luk lyk a servant. We ar nt in d primitiv era again, whn such hapened nd men claimed ovalordship. There’r beta ways 4 a woman 2 response 2 her man. Let ur woman see u as u nd be equal wid u.

  29. Dere is noting wrong in answering sir to ur huby, it is a sign of respect. Kip on answering him sir.

  30. I don’t see anything wrong in answering ur hubby sir is a sign of respect,but not all d time, for example u want 2 call him u can use some pet names like my love,my sweetheart,honey etc,but lets say u finish eating or he gave u something ,u can use sir,like thank u sir,b/c he is d head of d family and we wife should be under them,r/m sarah she always answer Abraharm my lord(onye nwem)

  31. Like my humble self i do answer my hubby sir. That shows respect in all ramification. If you don’t to answer your own hubby sir leave and stop critizing others pls.

  32. Wat can i say; simply perfect 4rm whceva angle u look at it.
    It’s not fear but a mark of humility n submission.

  33. Answering ones husband sir it makes men happy and its a make of respect to ur man and love am married i called him daddy, baby bt i answer him sir and he is happy with it.

  34. I dnt knw if it’s respect u call it, i cnt cal my hubby Sir. Even if it’s recorded in d Bible dat Sarah called her hubby my lord, dats back in d dayz. Wat piss me off is wen ur hubby cals u Mumy n u callin him Dady, if i cal my hubby Dady, wat wil i cal my Father. n d most annoyin is wen ur hubby calls u after ur child’s name Mama Junior. U guyz should grow up pls, there are thousands n 1 Romantic names 2 call ur Spouse.

  35. I dont see anything wrong or sacrilegous in a woman answering sir to her OWN husband.i feel its a choice she has made and d husband is comfortable with it.If I may ask all those saying it is wrong? Dt small boy in the office that is ur boss that u answer ‘SIR’ to while jumping on ur feet and shivering with fear;is he more handsome or better than ur husband? Abi na becos u no wan lose ur job? If u can do that to one smally, what about the man that rescued u from frustration, paid ur bride price and made u a proud woman? Dont u think such a man deserve some repect even if it means kneeling down to greet him.What I believe is this:Do all u have to do to keep ur home as long it is not juju.What I believe is that u can call ur spouse any name u desire as long as both of them r comfortable wit it.
    So my dear concerned aproko friend, let your friend be.She can decide to call her husband master,king,smally,mr ugly,stingy man,apple, plaintain etc.What matters ia a godly home devoid of pride,competition and pain. Remember that no matter how much we try, we can never be like the white.Our culture is our pride.

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