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5 Medicinal & Life Saving Benefits Of Ginger

medicinal benefits of ginger

5 Medicinal & Life Saving Benefits Of Ginger

Reduces the risk of infections

Gingerol can help lower the risk of infections. Its extract can inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria and is very effective against oral bacteria. Ginger’s antibacterial power may also brighten your smile. Active compounds in ginger called gingerols keep oral bacteria from growing.

Pain relief

Ginger has been used to treat inflammation for centuries and this practice now has a body of scientific evidence behind it. It’s been shown in several studies to help relieve pain from osteoarthritis of the knee in particular.

Ginger won’t whisk away muscle pain on the spot, but it may tame soreness over time. In some studies, people with muscle aches from exercise who took ginger had less pain the next day than those who didn’t. Ginger may also help alleviate headaches, menstrual cramps, sore muscles, and other types of pain.

Bursting flavours when added to meals

From savoury to mouth-watering sweet dishes, ginger is among the few spices that enrich the taste in both cases. Fresh ginger is a great way to add fresh flavour to a variety of meals and recipes. Once peeled and grated, ginger can easily be thrown into various sauces, glazes, and marinades to brighten up the dish. If you want to add ginger to your diet, you can do so through what you eat and drink.

Highly effective against nausea

Ginger helps if you’re trying to ease a queasy stomach. It may help relieve nausea and vomiting. It works by breaking up and getting rid of built-up gas in your intestines and also help settle seasickness or nausea caused by chemotherapy.

Ginger is loaded with antioxidants, compounds that prevent stress and damage to your body’s DNA. They may help your body fight off chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diseases of the lungs, plus promote healthy ageing.

Can help treat chronic indigestion

Chronic indigestion is characterised by recurrent pain and discomfort in the upper part of the stomach. It’s believed that delayed emptying of the stomach is a major cause of indigestion. Ginger has been shown to speed up emptying of the stomach.

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