Girl Bathed With Acid By Friend On Her Birthday In Oshodi Lagos


girl bathed with acid friend birthday

April 7, 2017 – Girl Bathed With Acid By Friend On Her Birthday In Oshodi Lagos

Meet 14-year-old Victoria Emmanuel, an innocent girl whose joy turned into mourning when her friend bathed her with acid on her birthday.

The attack which occurred in Mafoluku area of Oshodi on Monday the 29th of March 2017 caught everyone unaware.

While her friends were busy pouring water on her to mark her birthday, her supposed best friend, Moshood Yusuf, 13, picked a bottle of chemical and emptied it on her head.

Yusuf later claimed innocence when he told police he thought he was pouring Izal disinfectant on the girl.

She is currently receiving treatment at the General Hospital.

Yusuf was arrested by police and later released.

5 thoughts on “Girl Bathed With Acid By Friend On Her Birthday In Oshodi Lagos

  1. IF YOU PURPOSEFULLY INFLICT this kind scar of everlasting memory on my daughter for no just course and claim innocence, I must as a matter of fact, leave you with an equally indelible mark for you to remember your act of stupidity and wickedness for the rest of your life. You can never get away with it just like that, NEVER!

    I take a stroll…

  2. I’m really sick and tired about this acid attack saga. In Nigeria, we treat some serious matter with gloves hand until the situation has turn endemic, that is when we will be looking for a solution. All lot of useless men are now going around with chemical weapons to attack their lovers and nothing has been done to stop them. At least our lawmaker should make it mandatory for any offender of this crime to receive the same punishment in reciprocal to their action. After being caught, let the victim pour the same acid on their partners too and see how it is fun to be physically damaged.

    In order to run smooth government, the law must be in place and vibrates like human being. Whenever criminals get away with their crime, that is a disaster and red flag for any would be Country.

  3. Is Izal water or harmless? Even claiming that is preposterous! He should get whatever consequence an under age gets for criminal offences. Mtchew! At that age. By the time he is older, Lord knows the types of crimes he would be involved in.

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