Go And Steal No More: President Jonathan Pardons Ex-Convicts Bulama, Alamieyeisegha & Others

jonathan pardons ex convicts

March 13, 2013 – Go And Steal No More: President Jonathan Pardons Ex-Convicts Bulama, Alamieyeisegha & Others

President Goodluck Jonathan has granted pardon to some Nigerian ex-convicts who embezzled million of Naira in the past.

The men will no longer be referred to as convicts.

According to PREMIUM TIMES report on Tuesday morning, the Council of States headed by President Goodluck Jonathan, Tuesday afternoon, granted state pardon to his former boss and ex-Bayelsa State Governor, Diepreiye Alamieyeisegha.

The former governor, who was convicted for embezzling state funds while he was Bayelsa Governor, was pardoned alongside another convict and former head of the Bank of the North, Shettima Bulama.

Mr. Bulama, like Mr. Alamieyeisegha was investigated and later prosecuted for corruption by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Sources at the meeting say the Council meeting, attended by three former heads of states and some state governors also granted state pardon to some of those convicted for coup plotting by the Sani Abacha administration.

[Source: Sahara Reporter]

11 thoughts on “Go And Steal No More: President Jonathan Pardons Ex-Convicts Bulama, Alamieyeisegha & Others

  1. We all know that d president is clueless.Cos,how can a sitting president give state pardon to thieves that has brought backwardness to the people.Thereby celebrating corruption.

  2. There is nothing we are not going to see or here o, go in peace and steal no more,before we know they will want to run for presidential candidate, ok o God dey o

  3. wow! Not suprise but others wit such case should be setfree but what’ll be their nxt plan,peace,employment,d 7point agenda of umaru yar’adua e.t.c should be d main issue to look into.

  4. Mr president, unbehalf of all Nigerian’s will regret to have u as a president, u have proving urself as one of those thief, no problem bt remenber one good tune deserve another, if u can pardon those criminals why dnt u pardon all the arm robbers and criminals that have been in jail for so many years? search ur heart MR President

  5. This is the price we have to pay for voting based on sentiments sectionalism and religious sentiments.

  6. What do you expect from the president of the most populuos Animal Kingdom,than to compesate the man that bought shoe for him.remember he has no shoe his benefactor is Alam.may God help us all.

  7. Mr president you are right in this case,becouse we know why your former boss was prosecuted is just political rather than justice, we have how is been remove from office by former president mad dogs.just becouse alam diprey is not suporting third term of former president.in nigeria mr president knew that no political holder will escape charge on corruption,becouse it has eating deeply in to uor life to remove it is just like try to pass camel thruogh the needle hole.that is why most of the past leaders and present dont want buhari to come back.BRAVO MR President.i will defenetely give you my vote come 2015.

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