God Told Me Nigeria Has 3 Years To Get Things Right, If Not He’ll Move The Fire To South Africa

God said nigeria has 3 years to get things right

August 13, 2017 – God Has Warned That Nigeria Has 3 Years To Get Things Right, If Not He’ll Move The Fire To South Africa – Prophetess Donna Dandie

Spirit filled Prophetess Dr Donna Dandie has been in Nigeria in the last six months on divine promptings for some strategic assignments.

The co-founder of Reach International in Cayman Islands, a small nation with 60,000 people located South of Cuba, West of Jamaica, and just an hour’s flight from Florida, US, speaks with Sunday Oguntola on why she is here.


How did you hit on idea of coming to Nigeria?

It’s actually my first time in Africa and it is amazing Nigeria is the first country to visit on the continent. November is my birth month and I usually wait upon the Lord in fasting and prayer for the next level. I did the same last year and God said ‘I want you to go to Africa’.

Initially, He didn’t say where in Africa but eventually I understood He wanted me in Africa. But He didn’t say why He wanted me to come over as well despite my constant questioning. So, I accepted His way and I must say coming here is a journey of faith.

This is because the ministry is self-funded. Virtually all my financing goes into the ministry, even back home. So coming here is a big step of faith for me because I didn’t have any sort of money anywhere to even buy a ticket.

10 days before I came, God kept appearing to me physically to talk about the journey to Nigeria. Four days before I came, He confirmed He wanted to send me to the churches and that buckled my mind because I am aware of the demonic influences over here.

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In my mind, I saw the churches already dealing with that and I was wondering what I had to offer on that. God didn’t give me a message or anything more. The night that I came here in March, as the plane was descending, the Lord showed me a huge fountain of fire coming out of Nigeria.

And He said to me, “This is what I want to return, restore and renew in Nigeria.” I kept it close to my heart because it was so vivid. If I was an artist, I could draw what I saw. It would affect Nigeria and spread through the entire Africa. I never forgot the vision.

Then, what happened?

So, I came and started ministering in some churches and I was so disturbed by what I found here. Coming from the Western side of the globe, I expected to find fire-packed, Holy Ghost services but I didn’t find that.

I found instead of worship, noise and it disturbed me greatly. And I thought for a moment maybe I missed God. As I began to move around, I found out people were literally chanting during prayers. I would hear ‘fire’, ‘fire’ and ‘blood of Jesus’. It didn’t settle well with me.

Why didn’t it settle well with you?

It didn’t settle well because it would come as people were trying to deal with the issues of life. So, if they were praying for financial deliverance, there would be fire against something. I didn’t see that anywhere in the Bible. I am a kind of person who wants to hear truth that sets people free.

As I began to preach, I would ask if there were people who had been coming to church for the same issue in the last two years without solution. You know what? Over 80 percent of the church would raise up their hands. It started bothering me and I would return home many nights, weeping.

The majority of those individuals are unsaved. They have not heard the truth. They go out and live sinful lives, then return to church to fix their lives. They would be chanting ‘fire;, ‘fire’ and ‘blood of Jesus’.

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I began to realise that there is a certain mixture of Christianity and idolatry. That shocked me because I wasn’t expecting that and how to handle it. When that realisation hit, I started having demonic attacks. Then the Lord began to open my eyes to see in the Spirit’s realm than I used to before.

I heard conversations among ministers and realised there is great segregation and lack of trust. It started bothering me. Also, the fathers of the land are disconnecting from the children. And because of the disconnect, the children are acting like prodigal sons and daughters.

They have wandered from the truth that the fathers have set. I also realised that there are some ministers that as they climb the ladders of success, they separate themselves from those who need their years of experience and assistance. They are separating themselves from the responsibilities God has called them to.

Every father, whether physical or spiritual, provides the right nourishment and nutrients for the children for them to become better. But I realised it is not like that in Nigeria. These are some of the issues really hitting me hard here. They are not necessarily unique to Africa but because of the size, it is more prominent and blatant.

Then God showed me that the fire I saw when I was coming in was His intended glory for Africa. Twenty years ago, something happened that caused a serious shift in the spirit’s realm that nobody dealt with. Nobody would tell me what happened but they admitted something happened then that made Christianity take a nosedive in Nigeria.

What have you been doing since then?

Oh, I have been ministering in churches and calling ministers back to unity of the Spirit. I have been speaking on why they don’t need to just do deliverance without the word to sustain people.

I began to hear about things like pastors wearing charms and joining the cult for power. The more I hear, the more my heart has been broken. Nigeria has been occupying my thoughts constantly, even while asleep. I am praying for God to send the remnants together who are not afraid of the truth.

What positives have you found out?

I realised that people are genuinely hungry and searching for God. There are a few ministers of the gospel that are up there without losing the substances. It is amazing that they are determined Nigeria must change. I have met some awesome ministers of God in this country.

To be honest, I have heard some revelations in Nigeria like I have never met anywhere in the world. I have been learning how to pray from some Nigerian ministers. I have seen the powers of God manifesting in amazing ways in this country.

I was with Apostle Wole Oladiyun on a crusade in Ilu-Oluji and saw some mind-blowing miracles. It is encouraging some people are going to the villages to hunt for souls. I call them the remnants who have not sold out to anyone or thing. I know those are men God will use to restore and renew the fire.

I consider myself Nigerian because my mother’s father’s family is originally from Nigeria.

Really? Have you been able to trace your roots?

Not totally, but we have been given some little information here and there that we are not sure of yet. But my father’s father is from South Africa.

Nigeria has become such a spiritual part of me that I am determined to stay on my knees until the spiritual revival comes. I am thrilled the Vice President is a Christian. If we pray for the man, God would show up for His glory in this nation.

How do you find Nigerians?

I find Nigerians to be very humble, in some instances and very grateful people. They are also very aggressive but find it difficult to deal with the truth most times. I always marvel how an aggressive people will find it hard to accept the truth.

Then, they are very hard working. You will find on the roads, young men and women selling one article or commodity to earn a living. If I look over my experiences in Nigeria, I will say that if I had to do it again, I would.

God has warned that Nigeria has three years to get things right. If not, He would take the fire away to South Africa.

If ministers will not repent, you will begin to hear of deaths from the pulpits. Church leaders will just start dropping dead. God protects His name. He would not allow men to destroy the things that He bought with the blood of Jesus.

Any regrets being in Nigeria?

I have no regrets at all, to be honest. Everything works together for those who believe. I have been through things since I came. It’s been bittersweet but I have no complaints whatsoever.

God has used everything to make me a better place. I am grateful God found me worthy to go through those experiences. If I have to do it all over again, I would do the same to be honest.

How much do you miss home?

I miss my home and family so much. I talk to them every day. I don’t bore them with the details or unnecessary information, but I miss them a lot.

Are you planning to come back here again?

Sure, I will like to. I can’t tell when but I know the Lord will certainly bring me back to Nigeria. That’s for sure.

What can Nigerians learn from Western Christians and vice versa?

I think Western Christians are more trusting in the Lord. They have great expectations on the whole but if they don’t find it in the church, there is nowhere else to go. There are exceptions to the rule but the people who go to the church will just give up.

That is something that I think Christians here can learn. Your power does not come from the world or the charm you wear. Don’t mix what is good with what’s bad. When you add anything to the gospel that you know, you contaminate it. That is what I want Nigerian Christians to know.

For the Western Christians, they should know that demonic influences are real. They know about the devil but do not realise He has a vast Kingdom. He’s very organised and tidy. He knows what He’s doing. The physical manifestations are not as blatant as you see here but they should know he exists.

So the Christians in the West should know there is a spiritual battle between light and darkness. They will do well to learn how to defeat the devil. If we bring both together, can you imagine how we will defeat the devil?

I am going back home with a whole lot of experiences that I cannot even put a price now. I can’t wait to share with people back home.

Do you believe Christians should criticise themselves publicly?

You know, I wrote a book where I washed all my dirty laundry in the public. I spoke about divorce, rape, masturbation and all that. These were my struggles. I had a hard time writing the book but I did.

If you have a wound and keep covering it, won’t it kill you? You have to open it up, get it out there and get healing. The church needs to stop hiding. There is so much going on in the church that we don’t want to talk about.

Whatever issues the church has, the world has too. The world thinks we are hypocrites because we hide our issues and challenges. We cannot keep hiding our sins. When I minister, I am the first to wash my dirty laundry. I let people know I am not perfect, I have issues but God is still using me.

I know Christians are the only soldiers that kill their wounded. But we cannot keep hiding. A dead man has absolutely nothing to hide. When Jesus hanged on the cross, He exposed himself. He had nothing to hide again. He exposed everything and that is what we should do.


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