Golden Love & Mistaken Identity: Touching Story Of A Nigerian Couple In Long Distance Relationship

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Sept 11, 2013 – Golden Love And Mistaken Identity: Touching Story Of 2 Nigerian Lovers In Long Distance Relationship

Hope you enjoyed the previous article titled Love is blind by Nwigboji Franklin? Here is the latest pathetic love story from the stables of Mr Franklin titled “Golden Love And Mistaken Identity

Maria is a young girl from Nigeria. She traveled to London only to fall in love with Desmond.   After two years, Desmond traveled to his town in Nigeria.

Maria waited for many months without her sweetheart at home, she went to a friend to complain.  While returning to the house, she met a boy who is identical to Desmond. She hugged him mistaking him for her sweetheart, Desmond.

Masmond is a twin brother to Desmond. When he saw Maria, he also fell in love.

He was lucky that the girl agreed to follow him to his brother’s house.

On reaching Desmond’s house, Maria kissed Masmond (younger brother of Desmond).

After some hours, Masmond was on her. As they were pressing up, Desmond banged in when Maria was about to eject her content. She got confused to have found herself with double lovers. On spotting Desmond, Maria collapsed.

Desmond also died when he saw his brother on his wife. Masmond rushed them to the hospital. As he was returning, he had an accident and died instantly. Maria recovered and became mad.

Who should be blamed? Maria or Desmond

35 thoughts on “Golden Love & Mistaken Identity: Touching Story Of A Nigerian Couple In Long Distance Relationship

  1. Masmond should be blamed cos he should know his bros wife ,maria can only be blamed if she had followed another person ,it was a mistaken identity.

  2. maria is to blame bcs she should ve wait for her husband to come back cos she married already not a single lady anymore.

  3. I put d blame on desmond fo nt introducing maria to masmond i blame maria for faling in love with his hubby’s friend i blame maria fo acepting masmond proposal as a new huby destpite d fact dat d guys r twins her comon sence shld tel her dat dis is nt her huby because masmond never knew her be4 nd he wil aproabh her lyk a guy who jst met a girl maria shld difrenciate between d both names

  4. Emm, i tnk Maria shld b blame coz she shld b able 2 recogniz her husband no mata wat. Agreed, some twins cld b v v identical but definitely nt in all sense of d word. Dia‘s bound 2 b sth 2 diffrnciat dem. E.g. Dey cant hv d same posture.

  5. This happens only in movies, so dont stress yoselves. Ofcoz meetin Maz the first time the conversation will be acquard, in this case it was just a click, how do u talk with yo hubby? the twin cudnt kno ol tht…

  6. I think Maria should be blamed becos she didn’t wait 2 know d guy very wel and maybe meet with d family or some of his family members b4 faling 4 him.

  7. Mr Metu am sure everyone that has comment on this knows that its a fiction, and as it is a story you are free to share your opinion.
    Maria should be blame for insincerity.. How wouldn’t Ʊ recognise Ʋя̩̥̊ husband nt even with his attitude n emotions wen with Ʊ, she fell cos she wanted it; which made her a cheap having sex with mesmond on d same day she met him!
    Its unfortunate cos desmond sud av introduce d wife and kept constant communication..
    Mesmond is also a flirt for dciving Maria! And a bad brother cos he cud av noticed it sm ways.
    In all Maria sud av been very careful knowing she belongs to sm1 else, if she was patient she wud av observed mesmond wasn’t desmond during their conversation.

  8. Wait ooo u didnt c ur husband 4 mnths n wen u saw sum1 who looks lik him u pounced on d bed wit him. I thought d question first shud b honi wat happened, y did u leave mi like dat no cal, u just abandoned mi lik dat. But no just jumped in2 bed.

  9. @dgifted I know u are seeking for my advise to better to better ur life.Am very sorry becos I can see d power of ur iberibe from afar, u are really gifted with iberibe that’s why u are so pissed off that am exposing ur iberibe.I promise to get you help as soon as possible b4 it turns to madness. Am proud of u for fishing out urself that’s why I will everything within my reach to help u.

  10. Desmond…should have earlier informed his wife dat he has a twin bro! And also he made a huge mistake by nt communicating…beware of identical advice to all…

  11. Wel maria is at very bad 4 her dat she don’t know her husband ful step and week point and she would hav wat 2 cal her husband c know if is d one or not.wel a 4 me she can not control herself as a married woman.

  12. why did’t Maria have a little patient, for her love to come back to her, but if it was me GOD know wat i will do,,

  13. Desmond should be blamed for not telling maria that he had a twin brother, and masmond as well is crazy for not telling Maria that he is not Desmond

  14. Desmond should have told his brother that he had married. That is the consequence of secrete encounter. The wife on the other hand is not at fault. She only mistook him for his husband. May their souls rest in peace.

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