Love Is Blind: The Sad HeartBreak Story Of Two Lovers

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Sept 3rd, 2013 – Love Is Blind: The Sad Heartbreak Story Of Two Lovers

Ogechi is a girl who is town brought-up. She grew as an over ambitious girl and loves every body she sees. In one of her trends, she met Tayo who promised to marry her. After some months, Tayo called her and told her that he was no more ready for them to continue.

Oge screamed and apologised until Tayo accepted. They continued for ten years without marriage. A year later, an information was passed that Tayo was involved in an armed robbery and was caught by the police. When Oge heard this, she rushed to Garki police station to know if it was true. Upon discovering the certainty of the news, Oge slumbered.

All came to rescue but of no avail. In the transcendental world, Ogechi met who she presumed to be God. The man asked her why she was reluctant in her movement but she grudged. After much apology by the so-called mighty man, she opened up: “Daddy,am not happy with you. This is because you allowed my sweetheart to be arrested.” The god asked her if she prefers her boyfriend to him and she said “Who are you to be compared to my sweetheart? It is better you are arrested and hanged instead of my darling to be harmed.” The so-called God laughed and his heart panted.

He asked “Young lady! Do you like to enter into my kingdom or go back to your boyfriend?” the girl said “I will go back to him.” then the god waved her farewell. When Ogechi resurrected, she discovered that she was in the hospital. She asked what was happening and was told that she collapsed when she saw Tayo. She hurried up and went back to the police station and told them that she has come to replace Tayo. They released Tayo and imprisoned Oge for three years.

After two years when Tayo left the prison, he married a wife. The wife delivered a bouncing baby boy for him which made him to forget any thing related to Ogechi. When Ogechi returned after three years, she discovered that Tayo had married another woman. She ambushed the wife and stabbed her to death. She also killed the boy after stabbing the mother. After every thing, she went to Tayo and begged for forgiveness. This made Tayo to run away because the parents of the wife is after him. He is now stranded waiting for advice. What a pity.

Story by Nwigboji franklin

29 thoughts on “Love Is Blind: The Sad HeartBreak Story Of Two Lovers

  1. D story is love is blind indeed…. Datz y i can neva fall inlove to dat extent** she prefer her bf more dan God her creator… Wat a case! It’s a lesson for evry women girls wake up.. Guys of nowadays r deceitful dont fall in love to dis extent am begging plzzzzz am also a woman***

  2. Produced by P-COLLINGS/ Directed by Tchidi Chikere/ Marketed distributed nation wide by P-COLLINS ASSOCIATES LTD. LOL, KS2 4 TONEZ

  3. She his very stupid to have belive a yoruba guy infact guys. I advice. Her to present. Herself to the family of the woman so that they will live tayo alone afterall its mens nature to cheat n betray

  4. @Brenda,why bringing ur normal igbo racism into ds fabricated love film… Its a pity 4u oo. Tribe or no tribe we all have our attitudes either yoruba, hausa or urobo. And who told u der are girls like ds in Nigeria. I laugh ooo

  5. Fabricated story, where on earth that they jailed innocent in place of the guilt? They release the man and jail the woman.. the story is not straight but touching….hahaha

  6. Whibh kind packaged lie be this,she met God nd called him a man.nd he show he access 2 heaven nd she refused.chii nollywood hav hand in dis story.

  7. Hahaha,dis superstory self,abeg wen d part 2 go come out ?,anywayz dis is so far 1 of d best site i eva came accros,NYC 1,kudos !!!!

  8. The girl is very stupid to have met God and rejected him for his boy friend. The boy is also stupid. He avoided the girl who was ready to die for him. She agreed to serve the term for him which is rare. I love the story. Thank you and keep it up.

  9. I thank all of you that made it as a point of duty to comment on this story. Thank you very much.

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