Mother Keeps Dead Son’s Corpse In Family House For 18 Years (Photos)

mother keeps son corpse in house

Sept 11, 2013 – Woman Keeps Dead Son’s Corpse In Basement For 18 Years (Pictures)

This story is pathetic but true.
A woman who lost her 22-year-old son in 1995 has kept his corpse in their family house for the past 18 years.

Kvaratskhelia from the city of Georgia in Eastern Europe kept Joni Bakaradze’s corpse in a wooden casket in the basement of their home since his death in 1995.

Despite his death, Joni Bakaradze’s body has remained perfectly mummified due the constant care, love and attention given to him by his mother. Every year on his birthday, Kvaratskhelia gives Joni a change of cloth.

As we speak, Joni’s body has started decomposing due to his mother’s failing health.

Seriously ill Mrs Kvaratskhelia could no longer keep to her daily routine as the cause of her son’s death remains unknown.

Check out more photos below;

woman keeps dead son corpse in family house

Is this love or a form of ritual?

19 thoughts on “Mother Keeps Dead Son’s Corpse In Family House For 18 Years (Photos)

    • Alhaji, why r u so fast 2call dis woman wicked? If u’v eva lost som1 very dear 2u, u should hav been able2make a wiser comment. U seem2me d kind dat kills a man b4 knowing weda or not he’s a thief. Dnt just comment 4d sheer fun of it, cos it’s childish.

  1. The death of a loved one can cause confusion.she might think she doing him a great deal or been close to him.I don’t think she is wicked,she might be confuse.

  2. There is different in showing love to ur loves one,when he is alive, nd when he is dead. if she think its love, its a proper way to show ur love to ur love ones?

  3. Thi shows that since the death of the boy, this woman has been psychologically unstable. she needs to see a psychiatrist. May God help her to become normal and lean solely upon his word and promises

  4. Well,may be she is committing ritual or not,only God knows but all i’ve got to say is if she truly love her son,why then keep the stinky body and not depositing it to the appropriate channel.

  5. Well for me I shud say thts no love cose the bible says tht the best love u can give to ur loved dead one is to baury the person

  6. This is not ritual…what she did is not new …people do it..this guy in question is her only child…

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