Goldie Harvey Buried Today At A Private Burial Ground In Ikoyi Lagos

goldie harvey corpse remains

Feb 25, 2013 – Goldie Harvey Buried Today At A Private Burial Ground In Ikoyi Lagos

Goldie Harvey’s burial ceremony took place today at a private burial ground in Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria.

The burial for the late Big Brother Africa star, Oluwabimpe Susan Harvey aka Goldie is currently ongoing at the Vaults and Gardens private funeral home in Ikoyi, Lagos Island.

According to family sources, Goldie Harvey‘s funeral service started at 10 am on Monday and only few friends and business partners were invited.

The late singer died on the night of February 14, 2013 after a long trip from the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles California.

Before heading for California, the energetic singer travelled to her husband in Malaysia.

She eventually passed away before she was rushed to Reddington Hospital in Victoria Island Lagos. She died in the arms of her best friend, Denrele Edun.

Goldie Harvey’s autopsy report that was released last week revealed she died of hypertension.

She will be greatly missed.

May her soul rest in perfect peace!

30 thoughts on “Goldie Harvey Buried Today At A Private Burial Ground In Ikoyi Lagos

  1. See how she look lively and beautiful in the 2nd pic and hw cold and still she looks in the 1st pics.this world is a small place indeed. RIP goldie harvey.

  2. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace, may the good lord console her family and loved once. R.I.P Goldie!

  3. May Goldie’s soul rest in perfect peace.

    dear all,

    Let us live right, Jesus is the only way to heaven. I hope Goldie makes it to heaven.


  4. An average Nigerian shld aleast be able 2 perform a CPR.if Derenle had d knowlege of CPR its 70% certain Goldie could v survived.RIP Godlie

  5. Celebrity birthday, celebrity wedding, celebrity traveling, celebrity this and that. Now is celebrity corpse….sell your soul to God and expect glorious life after death….R.I.P…

  6. Life without Christ is lifeless, living corpse. D sweetest way 2 live ds life 2 d full is in Jesus Christ,4 Jesus is d way, d truth n d life.I admonish every1 2 let Jesus b seen in all dat u do.I’m happy I’m a xtian. What about u? I hope she lived 4 Christ. RIP Goldie Harvey

  7. ah!…Goldie ur death touch my heart..but nothing i can do anymore,Goldie i love everything about you,but God love you m0st..ah! Goldie,please rest in perfect peace, g0ne t00 s00n

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