Goldie Harvey Died Of Pulmonary Embolism Due To Drug Abuse – Insiders Reveal Her Death Cause

goldie harvey drug abuse

Feb 15, 2013 – Nigerian Singer, Artist Goldie Susan Harvey Died Of Pulmonary Embolism Due To Drug Abuse – Insiders Reveal Her Death Cause

Since the sudden demise of Nigerian artist Goldie Harvey at 7:30pm last night in Reddington Hospital, her death has been linked with different causes.

While others said she died of travel related blood clot problem, Pulmonary Embolism, others said she died as a result of spiritual attack but a particular source who confided in PM news this morning in Lagos authoritatively confirmed that the Goldie Harvey died of cocaine drug complications.

The source who claims Goldie Harvey is a drug addict who has been doping since the beginning of her career said something went wrong last night.

Though her drug battle has never been revealed to the public but people in her circus are fully aware of her constant drug use hence her eccentric performance on stage.

A source in Lagos authoritatively confirm with us last night that the alleged drug addict, Goldie Harvey overused the drug last night because she didn’t use it during her stay in the US.

We learnt she overused the drug like a hungry individual yesterday which resulted into a serious complication for her.

They said she went into the washroom and few minutes later when she returned she was acting unlike herself. She complained of some many things like headache, backache, chest pain and so on but she didn’t reveal the truth to those who could have come to her aid on time.

After she struggled to breath for a while, we learnt she collapsed. She was immediately rushed to her official hospital where the doctors on duty pronounced her dead immediately.

Her people blamed the doctors for lack of immediate intervention but there is nothing they could do since she had already passed away long before her arrival at the hospital.

A source who requested anonymity confirmed with us that her people have secretly bargain with some physicians to devise a quick cause of her death in order to not expose her drug problem…An autopsy was carried out on her and the result reveals she died of Pulmonary embolism, a problem that is common with intravenous drug abusers.

The controversial aspect is that Goldie Harvey and her music management boss Kenny Ogungbe came on the same flight from the United States of America last night. People who welcomed her at the airport said she was in good spirit throughout her arrival until the aforementioned drug episode.

Goldie Died Of Pulmonary Embolism Due To Drug Abuse

Pulmonary embolism is a serious problem that is related with drug abuse.

Since doctors said Goldie died of Pulmonary Embolism then she might have died of drug abuse yesterday.

Also called PE, it is a blockage of the main artery of the lung or one of its branches by a substance that has travelled from elsewhere in the body through the bloodstream (embolism). PE most commonly results from deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot in the deep veins of the legs or pelvis) that breaks off and migrates to the lung, a process termed venous thromboembolism (VTE).

A small proportion of cases are due to the embolization of air, fat, talc in drugs of intravenous drug abusers or amniotic fluid. The obstruction of the blood flow through the lungs and the resultant pressure on the right ventricle of the heart lead to the symptoms and signs of PE. The risk of PE is increased in various situations, such as cancer or prolonged bed rest.

Symptoms of pulmonary embolism include difficulty breathing, chest pain on inspiration, and palpitations. Clinical signs include low blood oxygen saturation and cyanosis, rapid breathing, and a rapid heart rate. Severe cases of PE can lead to collapse, abnormally low blood pressure, and sudden death.

Goldie Harvey’s corpse has been transferred to LASU Mortuary.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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34 thoughts on “Goldie Harvey Died Of Pulmonary Embolism Due To Drug Abuse – Insiders Reveal Her Death Cause


    • U see we must all take responsibility for our actions.
      Dnt blame anybody,we all live in d same enviroment filled wt drug peddlers n yet nt all of us us drugs.
      Live responsibly.

      • But we are not all same.Some people are weak some are strong. Some can resist and some people need help to resist,that is why there are institutions of diverse background to help the helpless inappropriate decent society.Some people will do the same thing and they will be fine somewill do and get into trouble. In as much as I am not giving her a pat on the back,we still have to know that there is a reason for every action. May God rest Goldie’s soul

  2. If the claim is true, then is soo bad. You being a star dosnt mean you should go wordly. Well, let this be a lesson to most of us as a celebrity.

  3. Nog ochife says: may her soul rest in peace. Effect of drug is soo bad. If truely u ar a star, crowd alone should be able to ginger you.

  4. It ws a shoking i dnt kw why the celebrities and producers ar into dis drugs business.pls change ur ways.her death cnt change God bt it ws a detriment on her own part nw.

  5. While what is done is done there is nothing any body than do about its be its drugs or not she is death she is death that is final, there no going back on that, please i want to use this medium to adviser the Living in the musci industial to live a better life and accept christ as the author and finihers of our faith, its a wake up call to every body that death is inevitable, no time, no date no hours, keeping faith with God to meet in heaven becos death without christ is like second funishment in hell fire, death has to pass throught somethings to hold on to wheather drugs no drugs. many will still be admant about its and till go ahead to take drugs, they will said she is a victim of cricustances, she did not do its well and she is not smart, when death come body is wiser than devil espect you are with Christ Jesus to saved you at that particular time

    • Rest in peace rude gal,ur days has gone dats y u has 2 go, some ppl dnt tak drugs bt they died , dats 2 say some body gat 2 die.

  6. Is too bad we loose another star what a waste, she’s an embodiment of skills left unfulfilled. Pls celeb should stay away frm drugs.
    May her so rest in peace.

  7. Goldie’s Case į̸̸̨§ a minor case, compare τ̲̅ȍ what happens Ŋ☺ώ in Nigerian music & entertainment industry. № matter hw hard we try ; †ђξ Cartel wil alwayz triumph bcos D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ ♓ανε s̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ many link in †ђξ industry. Just †ђξ wise as a celebrity & stay clean. This are abbits dat takes yrs tget rid of

  8. Its a pity,goldie was talking abt giving her life too christ 3weeks back here on naija gist,and yet she was still taking dope..nawa she where she has ended up.its very sad..Ah Goldie why did you allow satan to use you

  9. Death by Pulmonary embolism may not necessarily meant as a result of “drug substance” in the bloodstream. Medically, pulmonary embolism is a “blockage of blood vessels by foreign matter which could be related to various complications such as: clot, tumor, fat or air”. That being said the possiblity of drug abuse is not totally rule out, however, her death could arise from any of the above mentioned. Because, it is reported that she had just came back from a long distance trip to which journey is approximately 13hrs non-stop flight irrespective of the origin of her journey from any part of U.S.
    People should be careful to judge both the living and the dead as no one would be exonerated from such judgment before God. May her soul rest in peace.

  10. When I had that Goldie has kick the bucket I was shocked I couldn’t get myself because I love her so much it pity we lost a grate singer may her soul rest in blossom of the lord and I that god should forgive all her sin and for the rest of musicians who are also involve into this drugs take this as a lesson no body know’s who is next.i pray this would not harping again in industry.

  11. When I had that Goldie has kick the bucket I was shocked I couldn’t get myself because I love her so much it a pity we lost a grate singer may her soul rest in blossom of the lord and I that god should forgive all her sin and for the rest of musicians who are also involve into this drugs take this as a lesson no body know’s who is next.i pray this would not harping again in industry.

  12. Itz a pity. What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Give your life to Christ for you do not know the hour or time. Celebrities, repent. You guys have declared war against God by what u do on and outside the stage, in the name of entertainment. Return to Christ! When death calls what counts is your relationship with Christ as your earthly wealth may stand against you if it’s gotten outside Christ. God bless!

  13. Emeka prospes or howeva ur name is spelt,pls wen addressing d AlmyT,endevor to use capital G 4GOD.Unless u are tellin me that d God i knw is not wat u are tryin to potray in ur writings. He is JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY K?

  14. So what wil she tell her God nw,well ,God ur mercy pls,upon her,she needs our prayer,despite de fact dat,she don commit,but she stil need our prayer,@ pips,nobody holly pass.

  15. Drug is not the issue here but personal lifestyles count a lot….We all must depart one day but prepared to meet thy God

  16. Goldie is death u pple are here crying ask ur self this qst where his she going the she liv a good life here on earth pray dat GOD should accept her soul cos dat all she need right now u pple should ask ur self where am my going for here heaven or hell believe me nothing Good com easy so heaven dose not com easy is only hell dat com easy think right now

  17. it pains to hear dat sm1 died. Am speechless coz when i heard it i waz shocked. All i hv to say is dat may her gently soul rest in perfect peace. Till we meet to part no more. Sad news

  18. IF dey say goldie is a drug addict..y did dey tk dz long to untie it nt until na….i blv d truth hz’t bin reveal…only Goldie cn tell us wot really went wrng…bt is jst too late,bt m sincerly convinced dat smetin went wrng wish she cud’t say bfor death…goldie wit so mch tears in my eyes…i pray u find shield in d bossom of d Lord…rest in peace.

  19. Poor her,no wonder she behaves the way she does on stage….. may her soul RIP. aleast this will serve as a lesson to those that are involve in drugs……. it is very risky……… just imagine how are life was cut short beause of unneccessary bad habit.

  20. Ipity dos ppl dat av less tins 2 do dan 2 cheer dos on dier hihg ways 2 destuction, u ll reap al dat u sow if u don’t repent, cos u no not wen it wil b ur turn 2 leav dis world!!! mind ur acts & consinder (Eccl.11:8-10)if u care.U can’t afford 2 let ur lif b an E.G lik Goldie

  21. Goldie in BBA never acted in any way like a drug addict or one who is trying to detox.infact,she was more of a hopeless romantic.its only God who has the right to condemn her. May her soul find eternal peace in the bosom of our lord.

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