Goldie Is Dead: Nigerian Singer Susan Harvey Died In Lagos Today (Ex-BBA Star)

singer goldie harvey is dead

Feb 14, 2013 – Goldie Is Dead: Nigerian Singer Susan Harvey Died In Lagos Today – Former BBA Star

The first story that started this news is a shocking question we received from a fan of NaijaGists Facebook page who asked us” is Goldie dead“, we quickly put a call through to our source in Lagos who is a very good friend of Goldie Harvey’s management company.

We received the confirmation back few minutes ago that Nigerian singer Goldie is dead. Yes Goldie Harvey is dead.

Oluwabimpe Susan Harvey who is set to start a reality TV show with Nigerian model Denrele Edun has died tragically in Lagos on Valentine’s day night.

Goldie died in Denrele Edun’s arm at Reddington Hospital in Victoria Island Lagos few hours after she arrived Nigeria from Lagos.

The former BBA star was in Los Angeles with Kenny Ogungbe and Dayo D1 Adeneye. She was even spotted as she poses for Paparazzi on the red carpet of the annual Grammy award event that took place in California this past weekend.

According to sources, something really went wrong with Goldie Harvey’s health today, she was immediately rushed to the aforementioned private hospital in VI, Lagos where she eventually gave up the ghost.

A source who sent an email few minutes ago said Denrele Edun is crying non-stop, he has event switched off his cell phone as we are unable to get to talk to him right now.

Goldie has touched a lot of lives in her short life time.

May the Lord accept her soul and forgive all her sins.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

This is a confirmation of the bible verses that says it is appointed unto men to die once after which the judgement.

Goldie Harvey has finished her own assignment on the planet earth.

The late Goldie Harvey celebrated her 30th birthday on October 23rd last year.

Infact her death has touched a lot of people

May her soul rest in perfect peace once again.

Stay in touch with for update on this developing story.

As we are typing this report, we noticed more mails are popping up.

We will update you shortly.

Dear Goldie Harvey, may your soul rest in peace.

This life is truly short.

Here is a confirmation of her Goldie Harvey’s death from her management company few minutes ago.

bba goldie dead

What Killed Goldie Harvey?

We are still unsure of the cause of her sudden death but we will keep you updated.

Late Goldie Harvey is schedule to have her traditional wedding in a couple of weeks.

May the Lord grant her family and her fiance the fortitude to bear her loss

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155 thoughts on “Goldie Is Dead: Nigerian Singer Susan Harvey Died In Lagos Today (Ex-BBA Star)

  1. Hmm so shocking..buh all d is well,my advice 2 celeb..wizkid,davido,banky,2baba,nd d rest….repent now dat u live….goldie is gone,nd will leta b 4goten..may re soul rest in peace

  2. it a pain to Nigeria music a woman call Goldie she is died may her soul rest perfect peace Amen, i pray to is fiance family may God be wth dat family and is family toooooooooooooooooooooo. (Amen)

  3. OOH.What a world indeed!!!.This is the first nigerian/african artist i cherished and adore so much not because of her wonderful music but for her intelligence,boldness,confidence,just name it.She was a complete human being and she has impacted so much in her short live.Bimpe, i pray to God that HE will be merciful unto u and forgive all your sins.REST IN PEACE

  4. Its Only One Life

    No Matter Who You Are
    Rich or Poor
    Beautiful or Ugly
    Educated or Uneducated
    Celebrity Or Not

    No matter what you posses.
    Houses, cars, BB, samsung galaxy, macbook

    No matter where you have travelled to.
    England, U.K, L.A,Germany,Miami,

    No Matter Your Awards.
    No Matter The Club You Belong to.
    No matter The Class Of Your Clique Of Friends.
    No matter Anytin.

    They all wont count in eternity.

    Nobody is sure about their next second.
    We are all alive by His grace.

    But One Day We Shall Get To The Other Side n We Sha Leave Behind Everytin We Laboured For….

    Then What Wod Count Wod be

    “Who did you live for? CHRIST OR SATAN?”

    ”The certificate you got, was it by crook, hook or did you work for it?”

    “YES! You had so much money, but did you steal them or used dubious means to get them?”

    “What about the talent i gave to you, who did you glorify with it? Devil or God?”

    “I created you so beautifully but I also told you that your body is My temple.. How did you keep my temple? Did you turn it in2 a house of fornication, adultry, drunkeness, uncleanliness or lesbianism . Or did you keep your body Holy?”

    “What about the wonderful tongue i gave to you? Did you use it to tell lies, abuse and deceive people? Or did you use it to bless, encourage, pray and minister the gosple to dying souls?”..

    “I gave you so much time but how much of the time did you invest on ur eternity? Or were you busy chasing vanities?”

    Fame, Money, Certificate, Beauty, Houses, Position are good
    But they are
    Vanity Upon Vanity..

    Dont exchange Your Soul Just to get them bcos they fade away when your body dies..

    But your Soul that never dies wod either perish for your disobedience or enjoy eternity bcos of your obedience.


    Stop deceiving yourself under the cover of religion..
    Give Your Life To Christ Today And Invest Your Life, Time, Resources and Everything in2 things that matter in eternity….

    For Heaven And Hell Is Real

    R.I.P.. Goldie… But let the living have some sober reflection about wat our own life would be after death..
    Now we are alive, lets make our ways right with God

  5. life is an empty barrel, bt those who dnt knw take life personal wich is wrong, be careful ohhh humans, GOD HAS RISSEN, FOLOW DE RGHT PART ND do de rght tng, VANIT YPON VANITY ALL IS VANITY so de bble say nd is true BE WISE dnt lt de devil deceive u MAN

  6. Wow. Am. Sure she wll go to hell according to wat. D bible say. Wat she practice is equal to. D sins of man may she rot. In hell. Bye bye goldie ur no 1 fan 2013

  7. what a loss! I took it for a flimsy rumour when i heard it from a friend this morning so i quickly went online,and behold,almost all posts and blogs has got a bright comfirmation of this sad truth.I’m so unsure as to what to do right now…to cry, to feel pity or to just simply be sad?….anyways,may her soul find rest (AMEN).:,08065895154.

  8. Until her obituary is announced or pasted onlyn,i refuse 2 believe dat my once beloved angel is dead.It sounds unbelievably absurd,hw cn sumone just die lyk dat.Its nt possible,nt my angel,NOT GOLDIE!!!.

  9. I am still in shock, cos its so unexpected nevertheless MAY UR GENTLE SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE GOLDIE…. I guess there is a part of me dat luvs u dat i was nt even aware of until now… RIP DEAR….

  10. Curious!!!!coz her manager teejaystar said,,she run into comma bt she is gettin better nw nd nw am redin it dt she is dead….pls is dis really true coz it mst nt ooooo……goldie no die oooo….

  11. I’ve talkd wit d legend i’ve walkd wit d legend,shez no lnger livn,i hope peace wil happn,my eyez celebrate dt legacy z givn,d gal in d street sae shez jez turn d rhythm,…d hip hop general,d skibo icon,i knw whr u came bk 4rm b4 u passd away u jez turn d mic on… ws lyk whn 2pac gave Big a shot n d tearz jez ws lyk whn pun lyf ws dne,u were on d sun,u rep d street u come from,….whr av u gne nw,it isn’t d end ov tym,whn we will c ur face again,untill d end ov tym,end ov tym….

  12. Brothers and sisters, what i’m about to say may not sound nice but lets all give a deep thought towards it, what is happening in the entertainment industry is something tio sit down and look and ask ourselves, is this normal? It was first Tiwa Banks who was almost killed by her landlord’s son, then Bisi Komolafe, now its Goldie, the question is their rise to stardom, was it ordained by God or there are other things attached to it, in the last two to three years, lets count how many upcoming artistes have died mysteriously, my own candid advice is that if they have deeped their hands into something fetish, they should renounce, when the devil gives something, he collects it back in a very terific and undescribable manner. All of them should go and seek the face of God because if not, i’m not a prophet of doom but more will come, thats all for now. My sympathy goes to her family and friends (Fan).

  13. it sad! painful! unbelieveable..dat my own best female artisle is dead..God dis cn b true..4 nigrian 2 lost sumone like goldie harvey…i’m really mute..wel may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace..wil luv and mis her… almost essepcially me…i mis u…goldie…******crying***************** wat a great lost 2 entertament industry….R.I.P….goldie

  14. i still can believe it am still in shock what went wrong OMG hmmmmmm my heart is full of pain nd tears goldie may ur soul rest in peace amen

  15. Goldie is wonderful lady with a great heart only God knows why it happen may God help her family, fiance and love one’s to bear the loss rest in peace dear friend and may God grant you Goldie a perfect place there in heaven we love you.

  16. 4 wat shall it profit a man 2 gain the whole world n lose his soul?….. Dear goldie,(african lady gaga) its really sad 2 hear dat u r gone 4eva. May ur soul rest in peace (be it in heaven or in hell)….. I wish u r heading 2 heaven ;(;(;(;(;(. All ye lovers of goldie’s kind of music,pls take heart

  17. Baby i can’t bear ur departure, wut a world!!! Better wake up from that sleep becos U are not dead… Sweethrt i rember ur days in d big brodas house, U dnt like seeing ur fellow house mate go hungry, cookin n serving evry1. Goldie with a golden hrt… I miss U so much love #sobs#

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