Goldie & Prezzo’ Secret Wedding For February 9, 2013

goldie and prezzo wedding

Nov 16, 2012 – Goldie & Prezzo’ Secret Wedding For February 9, 2013

If the report reaching is anything to go by, former BBA stars Goldie and Prezzo are set to have their wedding at a secret location in February of next year (2013).

The report stated that Goldie and her boyfriend, Prezzo are set to tie the knot on the 9th of February, 2013 at a secret location in Nigeria.

Nigerian songstress Goldie Susan Harvey met her Kenyan boyfriend, rapper Prezzo at the Big Brother Africa star game show early this year and since then they have been secret lovers.

According to a inside source, Prezzo visited Goldie’s parent house in Lagos State Nigeria few weeks back to formally ask for her hand in marriage.

Goldie who chose to make her romance with Prezzo as secret affair hasn’t said anything about their wedding plan yet.

Wishing the secret lovers a blissful secret marriage in advance.


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23 thoughts on “Goldie & Prezzo’ Secret Wedding For February 9, 2013

    • My peeps u shd all undastand our 9ja celebrity dey dnt want 2 no may b d gal is engaged or she as 3 children on wis d guy d gaks dnt want 2 no may b he has wivies or children…dey just want enjoyment…my saddest part of it is dey dnt last lng b4 dey break..dey just rush in 2 mariage and rush out…any way 2 u couple’s i pray u last ooo…

  1. Goldie where is ur pride. A man dat treated u like dirt on national TV? That’s y some men don’t respect ladies cos dey feel ladies are so desperate to get hooked

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