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greece abandoned african migrants sea Latest News Updates

Abandoned At Sea: Greece Inhumane Treatment Of Helpless African Migrants Exposed

Abandoned At Sea: Greece Inhumane Treatment Of Helpless African Migrants Exposed

greece abandoned african migrants sea

Abandoned At Sea: Greece Inhumane Treatment Of Helpless African Migrants Exposed

For 400 years, they pillaged Africa, exploited and carted away her resources, raped and murdered her people, disorganized their system of governance, her culture, and when they even decided to divide the continent  among themselves, the meeting was held in Berlin with no African represented…

By the time they were done, they bundled  Africans away like animals as slaves, they built their economies, industrialized their systems with African resources and on the backs of African slaves, that is those  who didn’t succumb to the harsh treatment they meted on them at sea during journey, and so died…

Then they ensured a thorough impoverishment of the African psyche and mentality, degraded our sense of self worth, amalgamated most of our  regions despite the fact that most of our people held little or nothing in common, without their consent, sowed seeds of discord by making  some tribes feel they are better than the others  like they did in Rwanda, massacred countless others like they did in Congo and elsewhere, and as we speak, today, most of the weapons African use in the various conflicts ravaging parts of the continent are manufactured by them…and most times they sell these weapons to both the rebels and government to ensure the conflicts never ends…

They support and install deviant and satanic regimes like Buhari’s to ensure the continent is in perpetual darkness, so that the best minds can continue to flee…

Any wonder then that our people continue to go on the same open seas on which our fathers were taken as slaves centuries ago?

See what Greece just did, secretly sending away more than 1,000 migrants, abandoning them on the open sea…

How will black life matter if our leaders, in active connivance with these same people, continue their reign of corruption and wickedness on out people? How will black life matter when we Africans continue to kill Africans?.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ace

    August 17, 2020 at 8:39 AM

    They don’t want us on their lands, why do we keep migrating there? We need to blame our selfish, greedy African leaders who are putting us through shame.

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