Happy Birthday To Adebowale Adekoya Adewunmi

eagle adekoya

July 28, 2014 – Happy Birthday To Adebowale Adekoya Adewunmi

A big birthday shout out to a fan Adebowale Adekoya aka Eagle Adekoya.

Here is a beautiful birthday tribute he wrote for himself

It is a NEW DAY, it is a NEW AGE and I have opened a NEW PAGE, I have ascended a NEW STAGE just as I intend to create a NEW IMAGE. Don’t make haste to judge my new found CRAZE because I so much CRAVE to ERASE my old IMAGE. That’s BRAVE. Just so you know life is a RACE and I intend to collect the RAISE which is the PRIZE that comes with/for winning the RACE. Oh God I give you all the PRAISE for your GRACE and you remain the ANCIENT OF DAYS. Hallelujah somebody. Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeee

Please join us in wishing our dear brother a happy birthday.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Adebowale Adekoya Adewunmi

  1. Happy Birthday to you Adekoya, long life in jesus name(AMEN)

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