Happy Birthday To Dr Kehinde & Taiwo Garuba

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March 22, 2016 – Happy Birthday To Dr Kehinde & Taiwo Garuba

UK based fans of NG, Dr Kehinde and Taiwo Garuba are celebrating their birthday today.

The duo have dedicated today to pray for PSquare’s reunion.

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Dear Twins,

You are special. You have a unique bond, and that is a fact you should not ever forget.
On this birthday, seek a happy time. Make the most of it, and allow no regrets!

May you both be happy in every way!

Happy Birthday!


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31 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Dr Kehinde & Taiwo Garuba

  1. Happy birthday to brother taiwo and kehinde on your special day. Next month, my Taiwo and I will be celebrating our birthday in Lagos Island too. I love PSQUARE so much, and is my hope that they resolve their differences amicably and join force together. They don’t have to leave together with their wives and children under the same roof anymore. But they have to reconcile their differences for the sake of their late parents, children, career, and for the family unity. PSQUARE have represented our beloved nation and showcase Nigerian culture and our entertainment in a decent and unique way. Once again, happy birthday to Garuba’s twins.

  2. Happy Birthday to both of you! May the twin blessings of long life and prosperity be bestowed upon your heads.

    @Dapo Adediran, pls leave Sizzle alone. She is free to search if she is searching.

  3. Happy birthday to the special Tewin, God bless you as you’re marking a new age of yours, you will see more of the years ahead. In good health, and abondant, happiness in the Lord of host stay happy and enjoy the rest of the day, INJ.
    The Ayeni’s

  4. Happy birthday my dears.Edunjobi, ???? ori igi . God bless you both Aarin yin ko ni daru. Love to the families

  5. Hbd guys,wish u llnp in sound health,riches,knowledge and wisdom. NG is the best for allowing people to announce their birthday free,mine in june and i can’t wait to announce it here

  6. Happy birthday to my friends Taiwo and Kehinde. May the Lord continue to empower you for greater achievements. All the best of wishes. Bimbo (uk)

  7. T & K may all your day be filled with joy happiness, and you will grow old to see your children’s children IJN.

  8. Happy birthday to T & K may your life be filled with joy and happiness and you shall live to see children’s children IN.

  9. Happy birthday to T & K may your life be filled with joy and happiness and you shall live to see children’s children IJN.

  10. Happy birth day Dr Kehinde and his twin brother Taiwo, I celebrate you today and other twins like me in the whole world.

    Psquare I used to call you guys my children even as I am younger than you guys just because I am twin and for the love I have for twins. I joined hand with all the twins in the wide world and asked you to swallow your prides and come back to your root, Psquare.

  11. HBD 2 both of u.2 tins in life dat kills (separate) relationship.Money and Woman…..and dat is exactly wat is pulling P Square down.I wish Paul song wil make them realise dat they can’t do without each other as long as blood is tier dan water.

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