Happy New Month! Inspirational Quotes For December 2013

inspirational quotes for december 2013

Dec 1st, 2013 – Happy New Month! Inspirational Quotes For December 2013

Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof. God who has brought you from the beginning of this year to the very end is able to fulfill all his promises for your life.

Keep your faith strong, your hope high and your joy level undiminished.

As we take on this new month of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, let hope be your watchword.

Act in faith, believe that all things are possible for you and as you think in your heart, so shall it be for you.

Do not let anything weigh you down, the fact that you are alive today is enough to give thanks to the Almighty God.

Remember the bible says to everything that is joined to the living, there is hope.

Stop believing the lies of the devil, believe what God says about you and sooner or later, all your dreams, and aspirations will come to fulfillment.

Welcome to December 2013.

Here are some inspirational quotes that will make your December a great one.

motivational quotes for december

inspirational quotes about hope

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24 thoughts on “Happy New Month! Inspirational Quotes For December 2013

  1. This is my month of entrance into exceeding grace that God has for me in 2014.
    I’m forever grateful to God for being alive
    Many have died and perished whatever I’am now papa it’s by your grace
    Thank you thank you thank you

    • @chindinma are you a winners?
      Exceeding grace is our theme for next year
      Nice to meet u
      Happy new month to you guys

  2. If God could wait 4d Snails 2enta Noah’s Ark-without checking latenes,it’s Not 2late 4u 2present ur request.In 2,592,000sec remaining dis yr,God Can do it 4us. Happy new month naijaGiststers & friends.

  3. I am so much gr8tful unto the lord for his mercy and his loving kindnes up on our life especially mine. From begining of d year to end of de year his grace,love,mercy and glory keep speaking in our life especially mine may God be praised,glorified,magnified in Jesus mighty name Amen. I thank god. I could have been a dead man by now or u bcos me and u are not better off than those dying but by His grace we are made whole. Praise da lord!! Alleluya

  4. I xtend my goodwill mssgs 2 all my naijagists crew both home n abroad. It‘s yet anoda yuletide, n am wishing u d best of d best dis Dec has 2 offer.
    My special regards 2 my dearest Miss RED, my main man IRON BAR n d rest… D Hunter is saying… Merry Xmas n happy new Year in advance.

    • best regards to u from now till the upcoming promising year mr great friend hunter..we shall continue to iron out the truth and hunt for more.thanks and keep up the good work..best regards ..iron bar

  5. Aww,That’s my sweet Hunter,I wish you the best of what 2014 have to offer and more with one of the best of one in a life time year end.you are one of a rare kind Hunter,stay sweet dear,I wish everybody on the house the best of every good thought and lots of love and happiness with peace for 2014.

  6. Thanks for the inspirational words. Christ is King and Lord over everything. Because I and my family are connected to Him, we are exulted. Glory be to God! We are winners; more than conquerors.

  7. This is waooooooo. A word for the Wise!!! And believe me if we can put them to practice or Act on them, Sky is gonna be our Limit!!! 9c Word 4rm u people & may good Lord do good IJN Amen. Love All.

  8. This a new beginning for me, I will succeed , God will open the doors that my enemy has shot and make a way where seems there’s no way. Many have failed me but I know he will not fail me.

  9. Nice quotes indeed..Lets keep our head up nd expect better things ahead,shouts out to all my GSSA pals,fear God ! honour the king

  10. As we entered into the new month,here are my wishes to friends, may God u all ur hear desire in dis xmas season.

  11. I really love this site, all I have been reading since is encouragement, I want to say thanks for lifting my spirit. keep it up

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