IEA 2014: Igbo Excellence Awards Debuts In Lagos, Nigeria

igbo excellence awards 2014

Dec 3rd, 2013 – IEA 2014: Igbo Excellence Awards Debuts In Lagos Nigeria

The Igbo Excellence Awards, IEA, an annual cultural and social contemporary event, will berth on Saturday, 1 February, 2014. The event is designed to celebrate Igbo sons and daughters, who have excelled without any undue scandal in their endeavours.

With developing the culture and people as a key value, IEA will celebrate and honour Igbo individuals/businesses/governments/corporate bodies with outstanding contributions towards sustaining and developing the essence, pride and image of the Igbo culture as well as the country Nigeria across the world.

The award initiator, Prince Onyekachukwu David, said “our vision for the IEA is to be a global brand recognized for its genuine commitment to promoting the socio-economic and cultural values of the Ndi Igbo through-out the world. We are poised to drive this vision to accomplishment by focusing a lot on the Igbo youths, with awards categories that allow young people to compete fairly for exposure and recognition.”

This maiden edition of the award which is being organized by Tobems Media Limited, will hold in Lagos, and David defended that the neutrality of this location is to help emphasize the credibility of the award and its willingness to reach out to all Ndigbo simultaneously irrespective of their states, cultural, and political differences. He added that subsequent editions will be hosted in different eastern states of the federation.

“We believe that starting with a successful execution of this forthcoming maiden edition, we would have started a journey towards accomplishing our vision within the next 5 years. We are also open to partnerships with organizations willing to share in this dream and make history with us,” he added.

13 thoughts on “IEA 2014: Igbo Excellence Awards Debuts In Lagos, Nigeria

    • Tiara don’t be surprised, you know the people from the East have lost everything including their sense of belonging. They’ve thrown their pride to the dogs, their anscestral land is less attractive for anything good after many years of neglet and deprivation. Average Easterner is proud to be called a Lagosian than be identified with his homeland towns of Onisha, Enugu etc.Tiara, It is a sad story no elders among them seem to give directions for any salvation anytime soon. VERY SAD INDEED.

  1. Blackheart fits better than the said blackmann,if you use your research in producing bleach,believe me blackworld,you might see pass the line where the rest of the event will take place.calm the f**k down man before you break a blood vessel my dear.

  2. You talked about neutrallity of maiden event venue being Lagos to give it a universal image, have you paused a moment to imagine if the South Westerners or the North will ever move any such event of theirs to the East for the same reason of neutrallity, if not, what will possibly be the reasons that could also not inform the basis upon which Easterners must be proud to stage the event in the East, where they belong and as a result make it attractive. It’s time to wake up.

  3. who cares where we hold our meeting? Ibo tribe is rated number one tribe in the whole world. i love what you guys are doing in lagos, if it is possible, you guys should buy the government house lagos. we will not leave the city even if we have independence come 2015. any where we go God our father always hand the city over to us. GOD BLESS NDIGBO, AND GOD BLESS BIAFRA.

    • Obiina, Fact is; the Biafran Nation has lost direction and focus in life and that accounts for the shameful migration of your kids and kins all over the place commiting heineous crime everywhere. No human race on earth (except Igbos) ever wish to be strangers on their own land and choose to be proud of territories they are rather guests. Take a little muscle Fashola flexed when he locked down in Lagos a second hand spare parts markets where your compartriots do business forone long week for reasons of poor sanitations; it had to take 2 governors of Anambra and Imo states to appeal for a reopening of the market. Obiina, what does that tell you about who owns Lagos,?? What message do you get when ‘former governor’ Tinubu orders a total lock down of markets and businesses in Lagos in observation of his mother’s funeral, including businesses of your Biafran compartriots, doesn’t that send a message to Igbo people that Lagos belongs to Lagosians and not migrant trders from the East. An Eastern governor’s property was ordered to be locked down when he opened his mouth too wide on the crisis of deportations of Igbo destitude from Lagos; for reasons of terniment tax rate default. It took lobbists behind the scene to mitigate the governor’s embarrasment. Doesn’t that tell you who owns Lagos,??

      Obiina, its an illution to think Biafran natioals can take over Lagos just because you have in Lagosian very peaceful and accomodating hosts who love to live with their guests in harmony. History shows Igbo peoples habit of attempting to own up territories of their hosts everywhere they are domiciled and the historical attacks that chased them out of Northern Nigeria. Unfortunately, no lessons have been learnt by our brothers from the East as they continue in the old paths that led to the disintegration of the Igbos race. The current generation of Igbo race owes the unborn generation duty to pull together the Igbo nation by developing Igbo land for posterity, otherwise the disintegrations, migration and humiliation of the Igbos race has just begun. I don’t see any Mesiah anytime soon to rescue the Igbo nation as it happened in the case of the Israelis.

  4. Dis is anoda mistake! An Igbo thing lyk dis shd b don in an Igbo st8 2 draw all Igbos bak 2 their root. B dat as it may, I advice d organizers neva eva 2 giv dis award 2 any politician. We all knw dat they dnt struggl 2 make their wealth; they reap where they didnt sow! Dis is y Forbes wil neva include politicians wen compiling d list of d richest.

  5. It seems to me that the i**o people have lost their sense of pride and dignity.
    No Yoruba or Hausa individual or group will organise any event in the name
    Of their people outside their home land.
    And here comes a group morons organizing an award event for the i**o people in
    Lagos of all places!! Don’t you people have shame?
    The Y*****s have been telling the i**s in no uncertain terms, including
    deportation, that they are not wanted in Lagos.
    And yet they won’t listen. Gosh! Whatever happened to the gutsy igbo spirit that did not
    brook any nonsense from any quaters?

  6. The **** people are becoming more and more tribalistic and more primitive by the day…which I think is very bad for the growth of Nigeria…its very Bad

  7. You guys are just running your mouth, First you have forgotten to commend this as a good and laudable project. at least some people think of having a contemporary event that will put all Igbos irrespective of the state under same roof for celebration of Illustrious Sons an daughter.
    Am sure you remember the last event that brought all Igbos together is the Burial ceremony of Ikemba. As per the location, you never can tell what the organizers have done and why they finally decide to have this in Lagos.
    Igbos are everywhere. Come to think of it why don’t you people raise you dirty mouth when Igbos in Diaspora decide to do one festival or the other to bind themselves together as Igbos.
    And my take on the Lagos location is i believe right now, there is no state, even non of the Five Igbo states that has a combination of all Igbos from different state together in the same place.
    And most of you typing this right now, and running your mouth like tap water is in Lagos poo, Oya what are you doing in Lagos!!!.
    Let us see this as something good happening to us and lets celebrate it. And how come you did not read when they say the next five will go round the five Igbo States?

    • James, before you close your dirty mouth can you pls answer why you find Igbo people of all 5 Eastern states concentrated in one location of Lagos state and the reasons other tribes of the North, South West, South South will not congregate as much in other zones especially your Eastern states, as to assign or advance the Igbo reasons of staging such an event in a “foreign” territory. You Easterners like tickling yourselves and laughing when infact you have constituted yourselves a laughing stock and a nuisance to others.

  8. This is a great event that must be encouraged by all Igbos. Yes, the organisers said its holding in Lagos, and thats a very great opportunity for us to show the world that we Igbos are really dominating the world over. Guys, lets focus on how to ensure that only true Igbo giants especially those that have made us proud in Academia, Business, Ministry, Diaspora, etc are selected for awards. We true Igbos must ensure we make this event count by our good opinions, sugestions, nominations, etc. It is well. Kudos to the organisers.

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