Happy New Month!! Inspirational Quotes For June 2015

Monday June 1st, 2015 – Happy New Month!! Inspirational, Motivational Quotes For June 2015

Welcome to the middle of the year. May the Lord that has kept you up till this time of the year continue to protect and guide you throughout your life.

May you be blessed with courage and strength for every happening of life.
May this month and the entire year stand well in your good books.

Here are some inspirational quotes to take to heart this month

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.~ Kenny Rogers

There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their  reward. Kahlil Gibran

Write it in your heart that everyday is the best day of the year. ~R W Emerson
Wherever there is a human being  there is an opportunity for  kindness. ~Seneca

“Productivity completely depends on a person’s will power as only people capable of utilizing their complete potential will be able to attain productive gains.” Brian Adams, Self Improvement: Self Discipline

“Be curious about what’s going on around you, as well as within you. Learn about your emotions, your sensations, your thoughts and fears, and accept them as an integral part of yourself.” Debeena Harris, Mindfulness

“Get rid of the emotions that drag you down, hold you down, and eventually put you down permanently.” ~Jan Dargatz

“For the wise person, there are only two types of experiences on life’s road: winning and learning.” Greg Henry Quinn

“Climbing has taught me that commitment is a process, an inner climb of the mountains of the mind.” Marilyn Mason, Ph. D

“You are bigger than your anger; it is a part of you, you are not a part of it.” ~ Donald Neviaser

“One key to being happy or satisfied with your life is to recognize when things are right, and give yourself credit for them.” ~ E. Perry Good

“Successful people are EXTREMELY self-disciplined. When they set their mind to something, they do it. No questions asked.” ~ Jacob Reimer, Entrepreneurship: Rich Habits – 33 Daily Habits of the Rich & Wealthy!

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