Happy New Month: Welcome To September 2016..See Inspirational Quotes For This New Month

september 2016 greetings message

September 1st, 2016 – Happy New Month: Welcome To September 2016..See Inspirational & Motivational Quotes For This New Month

Welcome to September 2016 friends.

It is amazing how time flies. What is more amazing is that we are alive and well to witness the first day of this beautiful month.

We are privileged to be among those that will approach the beginning of the ’ember’ months without fear because God is on our side.

In Him we live and move and have our being so there is ‘no shaking’ on our end.

With God on our side this month, we will conquer all obstacles.

As we enter this power-packed month, here are our wishes for you.

  • May this September be a fruitful month for you and your loved ones.
  • May the Angel of God continue to guide your path and may evil never touch you.
  • The shout of gladness and joy will never cease in your life and family this month.
  • As we enter the last quarter of the year, may all your unfulfilled dreams begin to come true.

Stay strong and stand firm in God.

Here are some inspirational quotes to take to heart this month.


Protection For The New Month

Happy new month.

13 thoughts on “Happy New Month: Welcome To September 2016..See Inspirational Quotes For This New Month

  1. FOREVER GRATEFUL TO GOD! THIS IS my month. So glad to see it again. And for the rest of the -ember months, may what will eat us never come; only what we will eat! Amen!

    • Happy birthday and new month to brother Metu Nyetu. I pray that you shall see many in good health, blessings, and long life. You, Endure, fifelomo, Lola O, D Hunter, Maryf and many other are my favorite on this platform. I read all your comments all the time, and I cucor some times, aND disagree some times too. Keep it up.

      • THANKS@OMOKEHINDE! MAY GOD BLESS you as well! I am flattered by your comment. But you can be sure that the feeling is mutual. You are irrefutably one of the best here.

  2. Life is NOT by grade but by Grace, not by labour but by favor, not by merit but by the Mercy of God.
    In this “EMBER“ Month, may the Grace, Favor and Mercies of God Almighty locate YOU ALL and your households IJN.
    HAPPY NEW MONTH to everyone.

    I take a stroll…

  3. It’s your day to celebrate! It’s your day to cheer! Now you can eat more birthday cake Than you could hold last year! Now you can laugh louder And enjoy it even more–‘Cause this is a bigger birthday Than you’ve ever had before!
    Happy Birthday and Happy new month to all the month born.

  4. This is it ! Thank you father for this day and month. Make all our beautiful wishes come true in Jesus name ,Amen ! Happy new month everybody.

  5. it God grace to witness another new month not by power nor by might…thank God for the gift of life.. HAPPY NEW MONTH TO ALL

  6. Amen and Amen for the good wishes, a big Thank you for the great quotes and morale boosters and from ME, best wishes to all of us that each new day we see will bring happier times in our lives and make us conscious that we have great purpose to fulfill.
    Happy Month to you all!!!

  7. Thanks to God for another brand new month
    Lord it’s by your grace.
    Wishing everyone many success and good health Amen!

  8. Hello prophet Gbenga Rotimi, E ku ojo meta. Bawoni ministry yin o, se ise Iyanu nsele? We haven’t heard from you for so long here, welcome back to naijagists community brother Rotimi.

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