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have faith that everything will work out for the best

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Have Faith That Everything Will Work Out For The Best

have faith that everything will work out for the best

Breathe…..Have Faith That Everything Will Work Out For The Best

By Amy Clover

As I get closer to my birthday, I’m starting to reflect on how much I’ve grown over the last 29 years.

One major change that has helped me overcome much of my anxiety is adopting faith in the fact that everything will work out.

In my darkest times, I used to panic when the littlest thing would go wrong.

I remember one day when I was 19, when my old Volvo 240 turbo suddenly lost power while driving down a busy street in LA, I freaked out and called my Mom, sobbing.

I wasn’t in any danger. I just had to pull to the side of the road and figure it out. It was that simple.

But because of the attachment I had to the idea that things must go a certain way, I shattered when they didn’t.

quotes about having faith that everything will work out

If something doesn’t go your way, or the unexpected threatens to shove you against the wall enough to knock you out, do you hold onto the faith that things will work out?

I ask because this is the key to how you handle life. As much as we’d love to control every situation we get thrown into, the truth is that all we can control is how we react to situations.

But that’s old news, right? I say that all the time.

What I want to talk about today is the belief that it will all work out, and ways to keep that faith even in your darkest times so you can find the light faster.

Today’s post is about actively keeping faith in your own life. Today’s post is about not giving up, crumbling, or letting the challenges we’re faced with overcome us.

Today is the day you stand up strong and allow challenges to come your way, knowing that you’ll come out stronger on the other side.

In addition to keeping the faith, I’ve listed some things to remember that will make your life flow much easier along with that belief. By remembering the tips listed here, you can ensure that you too can stay strong in even the toughest situations.

Stop Focusing on All The Ways It Won’t Work Out

When you’re focused on the worst possible outcome, you’re more likely to fulfill those fears.

Remember when we talked about self-fulfilling prophecies? They’re the real deal. Pull that post out again and read up on how to avoid them.

Faith requires effort just like taking action does (which we’ll talk about in a sec here). If you know you’re pre-disposed to Eeyore-type thinking, it might require a bit more effort on your part to stay positive.

When you notice yourself start to drift toward the woe-is-me worry-wart mindframe, stop yourself, then redirect those thoughts in a positive direction.

What is the best possible scenario?

Are you taking action to create that outcome?

Luck is something you create through action and interpretation of what life deals to you. Make yourself the luckiest person you know.

Don’t Try to Control The Way It Works Out

This applies to pessimistic and optimistic ideas of what the future holds. You have no control over some things that add to the outcome of whatever you’re working toward.

As much work as you can put into anything in your life, there reaches a certain point at which you must give up control. If you don’t, you could drive yourself mad.

Much of our frustration, anxiety, worry and depression comes from the fact that we try to control the things we simply cannot control.

Have faith that it will work out, yes, but don’t force it to happen the way you see it happening…

Keep An Open Mind

Often times, life throws the unexpected at us. If you keep an open mind, those unexpected events can seem more like possibilities than obstacles.

Start viewing the unexpected as opportunities to accomplish your goals in a new way.

Things work themselves out in ways we could never plan for. Keep the door open, and allow the unexpected to open doors you never saw before.

Pull Over and Get Your Bearings

Just like when my car lost power, you too can take the time to pull over to keep from freaking out.

If I had just taken a second to pull over and take a breath, I would have realized that I was in no danger, that this would work itself out and no one would be all that affected.

Take the time to pull over and get grounded again.

Take some deep breaths. Take a time out. Close your eyes and ask, “Where is the opportunity in this situation?” or “How will this event strengthen me?”

Don’t Just Believe; Take Action

Let’s pull up the 1st category again here: “Stop focusing on all the ways it won’t work out.”

I want to encourage you to instead focus on being positive and taking actions that align with that positive mindframe.

Action is the key to realization.

If you don’t try to create the life you want, things will most likely not work out in your favor. You must exert effort. You must work for it. You must allow it to happen by making space for the opportunities in life.

Yes, there reaches a point where you can’t control the outcome, but reaching that point takes some work.

[About the author: Amy Clover is the founder of Strong Inside Out Motivation Blog]

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Patoya Michael

    January 4, 2019 at 10:03 PM

    Very solid article. Thank you.

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