Healing River, Orimiri Jordan In Enugu State Nigeria: Fulanis Found Mysterious Water Pool


healing river enugu state nigeria

Nov 27, 2013 – Healing River, Orimiri Jordan Discovered In Enugu State By Fulani Herdsmen

Healing River, Orimiri Jordan In Enugu State Nigeria: Fulanis Found Mysterious Pool Of Water In Nachi Orji

For those looking for healing from all kinds of diseases or life problem, a temporary solution has been discovered in Enugu State, Nigeria.

The pool named Orimiri Jordan meaning River Jordan was first spotted by some Fulani cattle rearers looking for a river to quench their cattles of thirst.

On coming back from the Nachi Oji in Enugu, they discovered a pool of water that wasn’t there whey they were going.

They immediately called the attention of the people living in the community.

The oldest men in the community said the mysterious healing river first appeared back in 1971 where various forms of ailments were cured.

Those who visited the pool to take their own share of the water have not stopped sharing testimonies of how they were instantly cured.

A crowd of curious Nigerians from all over the country have been trooping in to the area to get their own portion of the healing river as it is expected to dry out any moment from now.

See photos of the people at the healing river in Enugu state below:

healing river orimiri jordan enugu

nachi orji river enugu healing

This is what faith can do.

When you believe something will work, it will surely work for you.

Trust my able Naija folks, some people will start selling the water as healing medicine very soon.

Before the community wakes up tomorrow, a tanker would have come to pump out all the water…… Haahahahahahah Naija 4 show.