Heartbroken Nigerian Man Narrates How Cheating Wife Left Him After She Became A Nurse

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May 18, 2017 – Heartbroken Nigerian Man Narrates How Cheating Wife Left Him After She Became A Nurse

When I was a boy I never thought I would depend on anyone to survive!
But as I got older in life, I discovered that certain people would be crucial to the journey of your life, sometimes they are helpful to the success of your dreams and sometime they stand as a stumbling block!

Life has taught me that what gives us joy can also make us cry! In fact it is not a shame to cry as a man because there is no shame in tears when it comes to someone we love!
I was carried away by the love shown by my wife: Making love to a woman every day is not a guarantee that she will not cheat on you in a discreet way, as a matter of fact, having children together does not mean she loves you genuinely.

Domestic violence is becoming so rampant in our society! I do not support neither do I appreciate any man battering their wives, however, has anyone thought of the trauma a man go through silently when the woman they love cheat on them secretly without feeling repentant?

I have been married for over a decade and I have never cheated on my wife. I love my wife unconditionally; in fact my wife was my best friend and my reliable confidant.

Our desire and dreams in life sometimes end up giving us pain! I encouraged and supported my wife to become a nurse, which was not any easy journey at all!

After 3 years, my lovely wife graduated and I was happy for a dream come through! Unfortunately my happiness was short-lived 2 months after my wife started working as a nurse!

2 months into my wife new job, she started fraternizing with a colleague and as a result, I lost my wife of many years. I begged my wife and implored my mother-in-law & sister law to plead with my wife to have a change of heart but my wife promised to change nevertheless never stopped and kept calling the guy every passing day.

I am devastated and confused- As a matter of fact I have been diagnosed with depression (which I am not proud to say to anyone)!!!

Every night I prayed to God to change my wife but it seems God never answer!

Maybe God is passing a message to me that it is time to move on (But I sincerely I love my wife)!

God I am still hurting from this betrayal. I love my wife so much and I am not sure if I am going to get her back forever.

God even if I cannot get her back please do not let her greed make her lose heaven.

I love her no matter what but I am not sure if she is willing to change for the better.