Herbalist & Bus Driver Arrested For Killing UNIOSUN Final Year Student & Using Her For Ritual


uniosun final year student murdered herbalist

January 13, 2017 – Herbalist & Bus Driver Arrested For Killing UNIOSUN Final Year Student & Using Her For Ritual

DSS Operatives in Osun have arrested a native doctor identified as Jelili Ifa who reportedly masterminded the murder of a final year student of Osun State University.

The deceased Adebisi Rofiat Damilola was murdered few weeks ago when a commercial bus driver Elijah Oyebode used juju to lure her from UNIOSUN campus in Ipetu Ijesa into the house of Jelili in Ikirun .

Here is what the bus driver who acted as Jelili’s accomplice told the Men of the Department of State Security Services.

The body of the deceased student was dumped at Iragbiji in Boripe LGA of Osun state late last year.

The suspects are currently being interrogated at the agency’s office in Osogbo.

11 thoughts on “Herbalist & Bus Driver Arrested For Killing UNIOSUN Final Year Student & Using Her For Ritual

  1. MAY THE SUN NEVER RISE over these criminals again! Wicked souls! The thing that this driver called conscience is dead, long dead.


    WE OWE each moment of our lives to God. We never can tell a million things that could have happened to us each time we step out of our houses. May God protect His people!

  2. I don’t really get this, what is going on in Nigeria?,this monster cut the life of this lady just because of 10,000 naira in reward from his ifa?…. men! this confession is giving me goose pimple… God please,Nigeria as a country are seriously in need of you now..

  3. Wonders shall never end. When other countries are busy developing latest technologies and exporting them to the rest of the world, Nigerians are busy trying to export ‘ritualtech’ to the rest of the world. Barbaric nation of generation of Cain.RIP beautiful. May your killers and their generations yet unborn never reach your age before they are slaughtered. Amen.

    • dont be fooled bro, there are ritualsist everywhere..even in America. they are just more sophisticated if you would say

  4. Oloriburuku – misfortune headed people. I am ashamed to be a Nigerian sometimes. Think of the future of that promising young lady, abruptly cut short by some useless people who ignorantly think they can get rich through human rituals. Where is the fear of God in our people? If it was so easy to get rich quick, why are Babalawos and Ifa priests so wretched and poor? Think of the agony caused to the bereaved parents and family, who sacrificed so much to educate their daughter to final year in University? Where will the lust for money take us? It will never be well with these evil people and their generations yet unborn, amen. May God take the lives of their children when it is time for these evildoers to begin to enjoy them. We shall all reap whatever we sow, good or evil. Behold, I come to reward everyone according to their handiwork, says the Lord Jehovah. God console their families.

  5. Hmm, a girl’s life was cut short because of N10,000? I pray to God, that all those who sent this girl to an errand of no return shallnt see the rise of the sun! The heart of man is wicked!

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