Hired Killers Assassinate Ijebu Businessman Inside Church; Ajagajigi Murdered By Gunmen

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April 7, 2014 – Hired Killers Assassinate Ijebu Businessman Inside Church; Otunba Tola Okuneye, Ajagajigi Murdered By 10 Gunmen

Yesterday was a very sad Sunday for worshippers at St John Anglican Church in Oke Sopen area of Ijebu Igbo when a popular business man identified as Otunba Tola Okuneye aka Ajagajigi got killed by some suspected assassins.

According to eyewitnesses, 10 gunmen arrived the church around 11am when the pastor was about to start preaching and shot the man 10 times on the head.

Read an eyewitness account of the murder:

 “We were in the church and it was exactly when the Pastor started his sermon at around 11 a.m. Those boys came into the church and went straight to where Ajagajigi sat and shot him on the head.

“We were shocked and everybody was jittery as the service abruptly came to the end.Some people,especially,the elderly people were still in shock as I am talking to you now.No one can say anything about his death. He is not a politician,if he is one,we would have been thinking that his political opponents carried out the act,but as it is now,the church has been deserted, except some few people who were with the Pastor”.

The deceased is survived by 6 wives and 27 kids.

May his soul rest in peace.