HIV Co-Discoverer Says Efforts Underway To Use Cancer Therapies To Prolong Life Of HIV Patients

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July 24, 2017 – HIV Co-Discoverer Says Efforts Underway To Use Cancer Therapies To Prolong Life Of HIV Patients

The co-discoverer of HIV, Professor Francois Barre Sinoussi revealed over the weekend that efforts are now underway to develop a cure for HIV using cancer therapies.

She said this on Saturday while chatting with journalists on a tour of the sophisticated laboratories at Institut Pasteur in Paris France.

The Nobel Laureate added that the HIV Cure and Cancer Forum would on Saturday be inaugurated at the Institut Curie in Paris.

Her words:

“Efforts are now underway to determine if these cancer therapies can be used to build up the immune system of patients with HIV.

“This will be in such a way that HIV patients can achieve a durable and perhaps life-long treatment–free state of remission”.

Barre-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier co-discovered the HIV in 1983.

10 thoughts on “HIV Co-Discoverer Says Efforts Underway To Use Cancer Therapies To Prolong Life Of HIV Patients

  1. OYINBOS SEF,hope there wont be traces of our experiments being adopted in the ongoing clinicals.we wont make news headlines not matther our breakthroughs in research work

  2. Iron bar, you are say right. You are dey wise. I am local to your govano. Oyibo is a wayo. Ogun State pipul are oredy use juju to treat AIDS. So wetin is France man wanting to told the world using? This is according to. I mean am. Is according to.

  3. Mr Bencho… Don mind the oyinbo pupi weris lying around for us… Baba agbomola from ogun state can kill the HIV with his incantation only.

  4. HIV/AIDS have a cure, Just that the people who have suffered for the sickness cannot testify. I know a man who have been curing people of HIV/AIDS till tomorrom.

  5. Iron bar I am with you on this. If the research or cure is from any Black African nation no one will publish it in any world newspaper but if from any White or Asian country the whole world will hear of it. Sometimes I blame our people for their selfishness, jealousy, and hatred. A good case in point was the cholera vaccine which was invented by the late Professor Njoku obi and was used to cure the disease in Nigeria but the discovery was condemned by then commissioner for health, Alhaji Aminu Kano and swept under the carpet. USA bought the patent and today other countries including Nigeria buys the vaccine from America. The Black man is his own enemy. If a White person or Asian discovers something, he or she will be encouraged to improve on the discovery but not the case with the Black race. His or her discovery will be met with condemnation by his/her fellow Blacks. We in Nigeria need reorientation. I can not talk of other Black African countries but I hope they have a different attitude towards development. Development is not only when you build roads and skyscrapers, mental development devoid of hatred, jealousy, and selfishness is what I mean.

  6. MR Bench..i salute oo..i don tire for dat wayo.dem call us third world country but still grab all our ideas to develop their research

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