HIV Positive Nigerian Woman Kills Herself In Enugu After Diagnosis

June 1st, 2016 – HIV Positive Nigerian Woman Commits Suicide By Stabbing Herself To Death In Enugu Forest After She Tested Positive At Hospital

Celestina Mamah, a 46-year-old indigene of Udenu LGA of Enugu has terminated her own life over HIV diagnosis.

On May 28th 2016, she left her home to the hospital at about 9am where she allegedly tested positive to HIV.

According to investigations, she became hopeless and suicidal after the HIV diagnosis.

She managed to return to her house and around 6pm headed to a forest in Udenu where she stabbed herself to death.

Her lifeless body was discovered at a forest near Ogwu Rest House in Udenu on Sunday the 29th of May.

9 thoughts on “HIV Positive Nigerian Woman Kills Herself In Enugu After Diagnosis

  1. Ewooo! Chai! Alu emeee!
    Hopelessness and despair as a result of testing HIV positive should be something of the past by now, considering the many fantastic advances that medical science has made in its various researches on the subject of HIV/AIDS. Today, HIV carriers could live their normal lives just like any other individual, and die a natural death that is not attributive to the disease. The greatest miracle of the whole thing is that they could marry and bear forth children with pure, untainted blood. And the drugs are free.

    However, the society does not help matters in this regard. The attitude of stigmatization is virtually an inseparable part of the Nigerian society. Hense it is only a tough-minded, tough-skinned person that could live with the disease, and sadly, this woman was not that. I wonder if the doctor or whoever that broke that news to her ever took time to counsel her.

  2. may ur soul rest in peace,and u do well by killing urself to avoid spreading it and increasing d rate of HIV infected people nigeria,yes bcus an idol or hopeless person is devil’s workshop.

  3. What a shame! You had a chance to repent and obey God’s command till the day you will naturally die, but you choose to take your own life and now you will go to hell. RIP

  4. HIV is not a death sentence anymore na!! these people in the rural area need orientation and awareness programmes gone are the days u kill yourself because u have HIV such a shame RIP.

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