Houseboy Robs Londoner Boss In Magodo Lagos To Raise Money To Build A House In His Village

houseboy steal boss money to build a house

Oct 7, 2016 – Houseboy Robs London Returnee Boss In Magodo Lagos To Raise Money To Build A House In His Village

Mr Samuel Ugbem, a young domestic servant in Magodo Lagos has been arrested for allegedly stealing N1.7million from his boss, UK returnee Ajadi Babatunde.

The suspect alongside his elder brother Monday Ugbem reportedly stole the money the second day his boss returned with some pound sterling from the United Kingdom.

In his confessional statement, the suspect said he saw the money while cleaning his boss room and immediately called his elder brother who came over to help him steal part of the money using a ladder from the balcony of the house located on Dipo Oyewole street in Magodo area of Lagos.

Here is what the suspect said at Lagos State Police Command Headquarters in Ikeja Lagos yesterday;

5 thoughts on “Houseboy Robs Londoner Boss In Magodo Lagos To Raise Money To Build A House In His Village

  1. the last paragraph got me laughing ????… a maid thief threatening his boss for a 50-50 share.. you don’t need to be told jail is your portion.
    according to the book of PUNISHMENT chapter1 vs 2 “for the award of cluelessness is everlasting stupidity” if you try reading it further you will see where it clearly states that “for the wages of stealing is jail” so to the brothers in crime ROT IN JAIL

    #cluless human

  2. If one native doctor told you, he sees you in your own house but did not tell you when, please, don’t delve into time bursting scheme thinking that you can outsmart your fate. The devil is a paradoxical spirit; is jail house not your flat or apartment when you’re caught committing crime? The same goes to Abcd, who was told he will be controlling lots of cars in future but did not work hard enough,he turned out be traffic attendant. May God continue to save his children from devil’s antithetical parallelism.(devil’s destiny for those who follow him)

  3. Nobody wants to work any more. Quick money is the norm among the Nigerian community. Those in authority steal with impunity and even house helps are no exception. Where is society’s morals? Everyone hails the rich man (or woman), without questioning the sources of their wealth. A good name is better than riches (though the latter pays the bills).

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