Frustrated Housewife Divorces Lazy Unmotivated Husband For Refusing To Look For Work

housewife divorces unemployed husband

Feb 1st, 2018 – Frustrated Woman, Civil Servant Divorces Unemployed Husband For Refusing To Seek Employment After Losing Job

After 26 years of marriage, an house, Joke Isiaka today begged a Customary court in Agege Lagos to dissolve her marriage to 54-year-old Azeez Isiaka over laziness and irresponsibility.

The civil servant in her divorce petition said her husband who lacks motivation to look for work years after losing his job has become insensitive to the family welfare because of his joblessness.

Here are her words:

The respondent who didn’t make any objection said the petitioner is free to remarry.

The case was adjourned till the 20th of February for alternative dispute resolution.

5 thoughts on “Frustrated Housewife Divorces Lazy Unmotivated Husband For Refusing To Look For Work

  1. You wey dey say make him go hustle I doubt if you earn upto $100 a month,mr hustler my skinny ass, thats why no reasonable person should wife a Nigeria Bitch very unappreative thots.

    • you must be very*******do u even know the value of one hundred dollars,a mere 35 thousand naira.wait on a woman to feed you.lazy ass

  2. You must have contributed to his laziness and irresponsibility,no doubt you were denying him the conjugal property and mixing insult with your provision. If any child or children involve,you guys should listen to them to help resolve this issue (if grown up). A little vacation can still help.

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