How A Difficult Mother-In-Law Married A Village Girl For My Lover

difficult mother in law husband

March 19, 2013 – How A Difficult Mother-In-Law Married A Village Girl For My Lover


Please lady’s learn how to how seek God in every thing you do. I dated a young man for 5yrs,we have a beautiful daughter together, but before then the talks about marrying me the mother said over her dead body. I made move the guy beg stay God ‘ll change her, till the baby come after 2yrs she still refuse. I fasted & prayed until i was left with bone & flesh all to Gods will. The took a girl from his village force his son to marry immediately, the guy is 2mnths in marriage with that girl his mother gave to him. though there are some negative complain the guy give about the girl.

I refuse to do otherwise towards the marriage because I felt God was and his at work for my good. All things worketh for good of those that knows God. This guy keep telling me every day up to date that i am his love, he can not release sperm when making love to his wife except he remember me. That could be true as he come to see me very time, still buying things for me like ever before. maybe i would have die now i in any wanted the marriage by fire and force even with the guy who his parent and family very well said baby maybe God doesn’t want me to die young just as it has happen now.

He still say to me let us the feature that if we were meant for each other we will surely come back it is left for God how he do it but if not let God bless us with the best of all things. Now doing very well with my life and future in Gods hand. Buy inspirational and motivational books read u’ll have wisdom in things like tough time in lime. “

23 thoughts on “How A Difficult Mother-In-Law Married A Village Girl For My Lover

  1. Don’t heap any blame on ur motherinlaw.1st,u ar not legally married 2 him 2ndly d man agreed 2 marry anoda woman,4get about being forced,is he a kid?he does not love u.for cheating on his new wife by secretly coming to u shows dat he’s irresponsible.

  2. dear sister dont ever be deceived by a man,the father of ur child does not love u,if he does he will not agree to marry a village girl,please dont ever allow him to have you to himself again if not,u will find urself in a polygamous home and you will be later thrown out,dont forget the mother in law did not have interest in you,instead pray to God for your own husband and u shall laugh at last.

  3. my sister pray for ur own husband to cum,don’t blame ur mother-law,every responsible man supose to have his decision,d guy did not luv atall,my dear one day God will remeber u okay.

  4. I don’t usually write on this forum. However, u called another girl a village girl but u behave worse than a village girl. U have a child for another woman’s husband and still allow him to make love to u. U must be the worst of the village girls as far as i know. And please leave GOD out of ur adulterous and illicit affair/life. He is married period. I just pity the innocent child u brought into this world with ur stupidity. Ask GOD for forgiveness and look for ur own man if u still have the chance and please leave someone’s man alone.

  5. Na true talk Kris. ijiya kpokwem. So unfortunate that she is loving a man that does not love her, well am sure u have been denying most of them that loves u. My advice to ladies is go for that man that loves u, not the one that u love. una anugo?

  6. Kris, I wonder hw u take pass for school if u even near d school gate…..Pls read what she wrote again, u will see 5yrs relation, 2yrs old baby and the guy is just 2months old in his marriage with the village girl……People like una na him spoil Nigeria…..She wrote clearly what happend and u already twisting are write up…Shame on u….shame on u….

  7. My dear sis, move on with ur life, d man does not have any single feeling for u and just leave d useless man alone b4 pple start calling u husband snatcher, just thank God say u never born 3 b4 dis kind thing come happen.

  8. This guy is from Anambra while the girl is from Calabar. I know them very well, his mother said his first son can never marry to another tribe.
    @Kris you must be big Mammal(half side animal half side man). you are taking about having child for anoda woman husband, just pray it dosent happen to you or ur sis.
    @Kris you provoke this verb side with ur lack of understanding of the things of this world, I case u must be a dead man writing from ghost spirit. people spent 5 years in relationship with a sincere love u are here taking rubish from ur anus. pls be current till when next i meet ur folish comment.

  9. Hey house, our words on each oda are becomin offensive. We shouldn’t be rude n cruel to each oda, lets maintain a peaceful n educative forum. @KRIS, those words were too harsh, dat wasn’t a gud way 2 address issues dat concern emotions. Lets be humans enough, d lady in question is goin tru alot already; lets c on hw we can help her out of her emotional trauma wit some words of love, care n encouragement pls..

  10. My dr sista God is at work he has a purpose 4 dat. Bt dnt wori love is nt by force if d man is rily 4 u he wil cum bk bt if he is nt God wil giv u one who is more gud dan him. Note dnt blam ur mother-in-law bt blam d guy bc he cnt tak decisions on his own.

  11. @kris, that’s too harsh for a girl under this kind of condition. She undergoing a serious heartbreak and all she needs now is encouragement from friends.

  12. My dear move on with ur life, is not the end of ur life God will wipe ur tears and make u smile again

  13. I blame the guy cos nt even my grandmother can choose a wife for me, talk more of my mum no matter hw luv i have for her as mother?” well i see is painful bt thank God for Jesus he still remembers her!!!!

  14. May the lord console u sista nd give a man dat truly love u, dat guy does not luv you becos if he does not even his mother can make him acept anoda girl let him go nd stop collecting things from.

  15. Its so unfortunate wat u are going tru now. But i think u also contributed. Firstly, why wuld u have a baby outsid marriage, was that part of God’s wil? Must evry r/ship end in marriage? Y bringing God into it now when u’ve already defile the bed unmarried.

  16. Naija una sabi abuse person die!….she only posted dis for an advice cos she is confused,well as for d gal I advice u to move on though he was urs bt no more cox if he were to be a man he wud’v stood his grounds without his mum dictating for him,marriage weda by mistake or omission is sacred so bury ur emotions towards him let him go bak to his wife

  17. My dear, just b strong he is nt d right man 4 u, u wil get ur own man.. Don’t think much, 4get abt him and go on with ur life.. Takia of ur daughter ok..

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