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How To Deal With Failures And Disappointments: Overcoming Life Challenges And Difficult Times

how to deal with failure and disappointment

How To Turn Your Disappointments Into Blessings: Overcoming Life Challenges And Difficult Times


Let me begin by telling you that every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. Most times when bad things happen, we tend to lose faith and give up. This is a normal reaction for the average man. But for the thoughtful one, there  is always more reasons to stand up and face the challenges.

No one will ever escaped from getting disappointed on the face of the earth. Even if you decide not to interact with fellow human beings, it is still possible to disappoint yourself. But disappointment can be turned into blessings if well managed. Basically, the purpose of difficult times in our lives is to prepare us for better things. Learning how to handle your disappointment would serve as a blessing for you.

Here are some tips on how to turn you disappointment to blessing.

  • Stop Believing Life Is Fair

Yes, we all know law of karma says what goes around comes around but in some cases, nature might try to pull some string on our luck. Therefore, the natural believe that because you are good minded and you never do bad, by right, you are not meant to be disappointed in life should find its way out of your mind. Life is not fair, therefore you should not be 100% positive about everything.

  • Be Curious

You should be curious enough to review the course of events that lead to your disappointment. It is by doing so that you attain the level of consciousness that prevents you from making such mistake in the future. Be bold enough to ask the question why, and be ready to accept the fault if you end up being the cause of your own woes.

  • Be Strong

Being disappointed is a spirit killer. But you should ask yourself the question of why you are on this course, why you made that decision that lead to your disappointment. If you have enough conviction that tells you you did the right thing, then why give up? You should be stubborn enough to not let go of your dreams. That disappointment might just be a test of whether you are up to the task in which case giving up simply means you are incompetent. You should never give up no matter what. This is a magic way to turn all your disappointments into blessings.

  • Be Prayerful

Do not underestimate the God factor in your situation. Prayer is one of those things that turn hurts and betrayal into blessing. Prayer also give you succor and a sense of hope that your story will change soon.

If you have visited a goldsmith at his workshop, you would have seen where a metal is being purified. The metal has to be placed in furnace at a very high temperature, imagine the iron possessing a soul? The kind of hurts and pains it goes through. But in the end, the hurt is turn to blessing when it becomes purified and has more worth than ever before. Likewise diamond which is known to be one of the hardest and finest ornament in the world, it’s worth is not unknown until it has gone through a series of unpleasant purifying process. But it ends up being one of the most sought after ornaments. These are analogous to humans too, after overcoming series of disappointment, the blessing that follows always worth it

Making The Best Of Your Disappointments

There is no escape from being disappointed in life. We get disappointed in relationships and personal exploits, sometimes, the feeling of disappointment might be directed toward the creator of the universe, due to what we expected from Him but couldn’t get. But after every disappointment, comes breakthrough. The word breakthrough itself only testifies to the fact that there has been a drawback or a stagnant moment in one’s life. Going through hardship comes in hand with benefits that are liable to change one’s story if allowed to.

  • The Lesson

Every disappointment comes to teach us a particular lesson. The lesson that life is not a bed of roses, that every high has its low and in the other side of every shine is dim. It is by going through disappointment that we realize what people that are not so lucky in life pass through, we see the world in their perspective and come to respect them for who they are. By this, we achieve a certain level of humility and compassion towards others. We learn to live life easy and to always have it in mind that no condition is permanent. This lesson is essential to having peace of mind, as you realize in your time of hardship that it is but a passing phase.

  • Determination

Have you been able to stop a strand of hair from growing in any part of your body? Do you realize anytime you pull one out, another sprout with more strength? That is resilience? Because hair is supposed to survive at that point and no disappointment can stop its existence. That analogy also applies to human beings, series of disappointment and let downs often reinforce their sense of determination and resolve. If you do not give up on your first trial, you will have motivation to try more after your second time.

  • Emotional Growth

Humans are instinctive animals and their instinct has a psychological connection with their emotion. The more matured their emotion grows, the more sensitive their instinct becomes. Disappointments provide an avenue for men to be more careful. Series of disappointment enables our instinct to be more sensitive, thereby making us grow emotionally. This is a form of reaction towards Through this, we tend to avert future re occurrence.

  • Spiritual Growth

While this might not be generalized for the sake of people who are not religious yet, it cannot be waved off from the lists of benefits that arise from passing through difficult moments. Humans tend to incline to whatever they spiritual force they believe could help them turn their disappointment into blessing. Your moment of disappointment will take you through spiritual growth and a stronger bond with your creator.

What To Avoid In Times Of Disappointment

As humans, we have more inclination towards the negativity whenever we feel down. Our normal reaction towards life’s negativities is usually negative unless one is disciplined enough to realize the harm that comes from such response.

  • Do not play victim

Disappointed people are known to play victim, thereby putting themselves in vulnerable situation for more harm. Oftentimes, playing the victim role turn a molehill to a mountain. That is, making a complex out of a simple situation. Avoid playing the victim role in your moment of betrayal, know that you are the amazing personality that posses enough possibility to expect and trust. There is nothing wrong when you lay expectation, though it is human nature to disappoint, that doesn’t make your decision any bad.

  • Do not give up

It is understandable when you want to give up on trusting people, when you do not want to try more after many failures, when you lose all hope and enthusiasm in pursuing your goals. But that is not the way to grow, nor is it the way to turn your disappointment to blessing. Successful people in life are the ones that never give up despite having had more than enough reason to. The pang of pain you feel from being disappointed is enough reason for you to stay stagnant. But the only way you can reward yourself is by trying more, because with that, you will surely make a break.

  • Avoid bad habit

To get over betrayals, people often indulge in guilty pleasures. Drinking, smoking, idling and all sort of bad habits are mostly found among people trying to fight one demon or another. But the fact remains that these habits only complicate the already delicate situation. By succumbing to such habits, you not only give up, you also develop addiction that could be change your life for bad. Therefore, it is better to face your sadness with a clear mind than trying to overcome it by going to stupor. There is no shortcut to overcome hurt, going through the right process is the only means through which you can be rewarded by posterity.

  • Avoid Depression

Do not be lost in your pain. Do not indulge in your sad story to the extent of sliding into depression. Always try to be in the company of loved ones and those who can motivate you. Never allow depression to overtake your spirit. Know that depression is part of the systematic response toward depression and only a disciplined and determined mind can avert it from taking over the situation. Always be in control and in good spirit. Never lose your hope for better days, never move with pessimistic people who are negative minded.

Read stories of successful people who were once disappointed, follow the steps they took as applicable to your situation. Always believe the best days lie ahead.

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  1. Mrs Ibeh

    September 12, 2018 at 12:31 AM

    On point @ writer. God bless you. I have emailed this to my daughter who just had a divorce

  2. tina

    September 12, 2018 at 9:48 AM

    thanks writer,just like you are directly talking to me,thank God am getting better and stronger it just a matter of time i will be fine,depression kills faster.

  3. uchenna o

    September 12, 2018 at 12:37 PM

    True talk, from my own experience being out of job for three years made me acquire many skills that is helping me now even as i had gotten another job (Graphic designer, Hair-cuter or barber and Estate Agent)

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