How Denrele Made Genevieve Nnaji Change Her Dress At AMVCA “U 4got Ur Undies At Home”

denrele genevieve nnaji dress

March 12, 2013 – How Denrele Made Genevieve Nnaji Change Her Dress At Africa Magic Award “U 4got Ur Undies At Home”

Genevieve Nnaji who appeared in a very revealing white dress at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice’ event on Saturday at the Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos was later spotted in a long yellow dress.

Apparently Genny was a bit embarrassed by anchor Denrele Edun’s question in regards to her deep v-cut dress.

denrele embarrased genevieve nnaji

Denrele asked Genevieve Nnaji a straight forward question that left her dumbfounded for like two minutes.

Denrele asked:  “if your under wears were to say something, what would they have said?”

Genevieve: dumbfounded and unable to answer.

Denrele answered on her behalf with:  “U 4got me at home”

All of the above episodes eventually forced Genevieve Nnaji to change her dress to the long yellow one.

The first dress seems like a wrong choice for Genny on Saturday night.

41 thoughts on “How Denrele Made Genevieve Nnaji Change Her Dress At AMVCA “U 4got Ur Undies At Home”



  1. if she die tomorrow people will start to wish her to RIP and they will not tell her to make peace now with God, because they way she is going soon she will meet her end of road like Goddie

  2. Genny do anyone need to tell u your first outfit was gourgious??I think I agree wif welter you are 80% Mad wif what u later put on

    • Sister please why not show me urs na…cause i go like one see am..thats how it starts sha, nudity is creeping into the scene…GOD help us ooo…expexially the guys

  3. u re a gud woman 4 changn d outfit nd my dear even if u wear tour cloths u re my model bt watch ur dresn k

  4. It is truly pathetic how some of our so called can go to any length to ape the West. I pity the young ones how see them as role models. Genny, wake up from ur sleep and behave lyk an honourable, proud true African woman. Stop this exposing of ur private parts coz u’re already beautiful without doing that dear.

  5. But so far she changed it. Doesn’t dat showed humility on her part by correcting herself? U guys shuld learn to acknowledge d fact dat she,s nobody but only a mere imperfect human dat can make mistakes and still correct them. So pls dont nail her anymore guys. She realizd and took a bold and perfect step later. Thanks

  6. i think dat is really thoughtful of Denrele even if it seem embarrassing and that why Genny had to change maybe nobody told her how she look before coming… Please Genny you’re one person most people look up to in term of role model.

  7. is ds fashion or craziness, even may woman to fit wear ds kind dress, Nigerian celeb like fake life n coping d western, n copyin d westerner it is a destrotion.

  8. I personally think Denrele had the right to ask any question but Genevieve should have given a smart answer.
    She should not have changed her dress. Shows she was not comfortable before the question was asked and she is not a confident person. There was nothing wrong with the dress. She only showed a little cleavage. If she had bigger breast the cleavage would have being out there any way.
    Denrele should keep to his job. He is not a fashion police and should ask intelligent questions rather than embarrassing celebrities guess he is trying to acquire fame through the back door. You 15 minute is over bro.
    Our young girls will find any role model they want. It is our duty to teach them right from wrong and to be self-confident.

  9. Well, beta for u to have change the dress, cause i dnt knw what lesson u want d young ones watchng you to learn from d way u dress. Though i love u on screen but ds ur way of Life i dnt like. So gv ur life to JESUS CHRIST TODAY.

  10. Good of u Gene, May God bless u as u changed the dress. But mind u, don’t ever wear that nonsense again.

  11. To av changed d outfit showed a sense of remose on Gene’s part & I think dat’s commendable.

  12. Genny,smdy in his comnt said u wil soon end it up lik guidy bt my pryer 4 u is God wil arrest ur soul & dlver u 4m d way of distruction.My sis u need Christ .

  13. Genny u are a beautiful black talented nollywood actress which anyone would love without reasonable douth please gene u are a big celeb well known and people are out there looking for d slightest mistake from your path to get back at u i believe this should have taught u a lesson dress reasonably and sensible when going to public functions pls genny love u

  14. We love judging other even when we do worst…. I still love you genny. And ur so called adviser should change his own life style becos he too is not perfect

  15. Noting is wrng wt her drs,d mstk she md ws to change dat drs, if u can wear it frm ur house to d show, dn y allow li2 dere to mk u uncomfortable oga fashion police

  16. My mother always that a child is not bad bcz he makes mistakes, a child is only bad when he refuses to take correction. I think we shd al learn 4rm Genevieve, she actually changed d dress. Why r people to quick 2 judge. Even Jesus sd, let hm dt is without sin throw the first stone n dt is y Jesus loves pple lyk Genevieve, i must commend ha for damnin ha pride n changin that dress. That’s what i call a good example.

  17. I love u Genny no matter what, and u proved urself to be a person of humility bychanging the dress. Its what we call leading by an example. Much love. As for derenle, I believe there are better ways used in correcting people when they go wrong.

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