Mercy Aigbe Dumped First Husband, An Igbo Man Because He’s Poor, She Is A Gold Digger – Insider

mercy aigbe dumped first husband igbo

September 3, 2016 – Mercy Aigbe Dumped First Husband, An Igbo Man Because He’s Broke, She Is A Gold Digger – Insider

An insider authoritatively told at a function today that Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe Gentry is a gold digger.

The source said the Nollywood diva dumped her first husband, who happens to be a second hand clothing merchant at one of the popular markets in Lagos when things suddenly turned for the worse for him.

Though the actress blamed her then mother-in-law for breaking her marriage, the source alleged that the actress intentionally dumped the man because he was poor back then but today, the guy is doing well and has remarried.

Benin-born Mercy Aigbe is now happily married to a wealthy hotel owner, Mr Lanre Gentry.

mercy aigbe golddigger

She has a daughter from her first marriage while her second marriage is blessed with a boy.

Mercy Aigbe now has two cars and chain of businesses, courtesy of her wealthy ‘Oga on top’.

For the records, she is the second wife of Mr Gentry whose first wife is based abroad.

8 thoughts on “Mercy Aigbe Dumped First Husband, An Igbo Man Because He’s Poor, She Is A Gold Digger – Insider

  1. i stand to be corrected “mostly all women do such”..
    ladies love made men_©falz 2015..

    mercy is just one of them i mean the ‘olorunsogo’ ladies. they don’t have time to wait until a man makes it.. they just want everything to go on smoothly without comma forgetting that life is not bed of roses..


    • Okay, you stand to be corrected ” my dear,didn’t you notice the rate of divorce among the rich? If money was all they want,why divorce when you marry the money. I’ll vote divorce over and over again than cheating or suicide .

      Let’s talk about men that dump their wife when they make it for a rich bored women . I don’t leave with Mercy to know what happened in the failed marriage neither will I be this harsh in judging her or call her names. Her life,her biz.

      I sense jealousy from the insider that gave this interview .moreover Mercy’s first husband is not complaining so why cry for him.

  2. The part I don’t like is getting married to a married man. Hmm…girl you fucked up . I HATE WOMEN WHO DO THAT WITH BURNING PASSION !
    You killed it girl.Close your legs to married men/women . Don’t ever curse out an armed robber if you’re sharing your bed with a married man/women because you’re also one but armed with your body.

  3. Money, money, money is all what people think now, nothing more. I hope she doesn’t eat this one dry, if this news is true

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