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Cinema Business Booms In Nigeria As Movie Lovers Spend N137M On Nollywood & N543M On Foreign Movies Last Year

how much nigerians spent at the cinemas 2018

Nigerian Cinemas Goers Spent N543Million On Foreign Movies & 137M On Nollywood Movies Last Year December 

  • Cinema Business Booms In Nigeria As Movie Lovers Spend N137Million On Nollywood & N543M On Foreign Movies In December 2018

Exclusive report by Pulse TV

Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria, CEAN  has released the figures movie watchers spent at the cinema last year December

Movies made over N600 million for the latter part of the month. Only N137 million went to Nollywood.

These days, the data show that a lot more Nigerians are going to cinemas. However, most of the money is being spent on foreign movies.

According to the statistics released by the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN), Nigerians spent N680 million at the box office in the latter part of December 2018.

While this is proof of the growing cinema culture in the country, it also shows how movies goers prefer international movies to the ones from Nollywood as the latter only made N137.6 million from the 14th - 31st December 2018.

Here is a breakdown of how much Nigerians spent on local films at cinemas

  • 14th to 20th December 2018Chief Daddy – 76.6 M
  • King of Boys – 9.3M
  • Heaven On My Mind – 4M
  • Lagos Real Fake Life – 1.6M
  • SMASH – 768,650
  • Total – N92.4M

December 21st - 27th 2018

  • Chief Daddy – 101.9M
  • God’s Calling – 12.5M
  • Lionheart – 8.7M
  • Heaven On My Mind 2.6M
  • Up North - 1.6M
  • Lagos Real Fake Life - 379,750
  • SMASH - 77,550
  • Total – N137.6M

December 28th - 31st 2018Chief Daddy - 43.1M

  • Up North - 17M
  • Lionheart - 6.3M
  • God’s Calling - 4.6M
  • King of Boys - 2.8M
  • Knock Out Blessing - 2M
  • Power of 1 - 812, 500
  • Get Married - 797, 182
  • Heaven On My Mind - 29, 500
  • Total – N77.7M



  1. Loretta

    January 7, 2019 at 6:08 PM

    Didn’t know Nigerians are this wasteful. How much did they spend on education.
    May be 1 % of that. No wonder we are this backward

  2. Pastor JB

    January 7, 2019 at 7:59 PM

    That is too much money on entertainment. Yet you say there is no job.
    Where are we all getting the money

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