How Sandra Duru, A Pregnant Nigerian Woman My Friend Met On Facebook Called Police On Her


pregnant nigerian woman get helper in trouble

June 1st 2016 – How Sandra Eluobi Duru, A Pregnant Nigerian Woman My Friend Met On Facebook Called Police On Her And Threatened To Get Her In Trouble

Sandra contacted a lady she met on Facebook on how she can help her in getting cheap delivery cost in the US,and the lady went ahead and promised to get her a visitors travel insurance that she can use in some specific state and hospital and was going to cost $3500.

After they both agreed she begged the lady to pay on her behalf that she was having issues with her husband but soon was going to sort one response is to make you smile out the lady. After hearing so much story from the domestic violence Sandra was passing through the lady decided to try the state free health insurance in US and see if her application would be approved so she can have 2 options to fall back on.

Sandra Duru embarked on her journey to US on 24th of April 2016 and stayed at this lady’s house where she was given a free furnished one bedroom apartment with bathroom and kitchen to herself. Everyday this lady prepares food and take to bedroom of Sandra and from there they started talking and she opens up to this lady about all she puts on Facebook about her marriage are all fake,tells this lady how her husband beats her up on daily basis and how she lost her last pregnancy from the beatings she got and this made the lady have more pity and was ready to do everything possible to help her.

When she arrived at the house she only had about $300 and gave excuse of carrying so much cash because of immigration and said her bank was going to make a transfer later but she came with an ATM for withdrawal.

Because she didn’t have enough money this lady took it upon her self to provide for all her needs which included food and toiletries. She managed to do her baby shopping with her ATM card and ran out of cash and started to use this lady’s credit card for all her shopping.

After a month she finally paid in $3000 into this lady’s account and begged the woman to give her that by next week she was expecting some money and would pay the woman back all the money she owes,during this period this lady has started to have doubt if Sandra Eluobi is actually who she claimed she was because she keeps claiming she was as billionaire and told this poor lady how powerful she is in Nigeria, IG Solomon Arase and all the top politicians does biz with her and how the deputy Gov of imo state trembles anytime he sees her and people are so scared of her and she moves around with police and have houses and offices all over Nigeria.

She talked about her NGO-Pre-Adult Affairs Organization and a project she is about to launched on PEACE AND UNITY which will be aired in Nigeria and has put in billions into the project,yet with all this she cant afford to pay any of her bills and lived on this innocent woman credit.

She became so comfortable and went ahead to bring her kids to US and added to this lady’s responsibility and requested this lady adopt her kids so they can school in America and cried of going back to Nigeria with the kids because of her husband,so the lady advised her to be calm so they can work together and find a solution and told her the power a pregnant woman has in America that anyone who touches her in this condition will end up in jail.By Friday May 27th, she paid in $2000 to this lady’s account and requested the money was giving to her that she would pay this lady by 2nd of June,so this woman reminded her of how patient she has been almost 2months have only been able to raise $5000 and was owing this lady $4500 and has not paid anything.

She began to accuse this lady she wanted to steal her money,whereas Sandra had been using her credit card for everything including fares for bringing her kids and then she started a fight and came and held this lady hitting her hard and pushing her to the wall and gave this lady all the insults and was screaming to the top her voice then when the lady threatened to call her husband,Sandra quickly called the police on this lady and claimed she was been kinda wanna come out with me for kicking on her belly and said she would expose this lady for helping in giving her the govt free insurance even though the woman knew she didn’t qualify.

By the time police came she began to cry uncontrollable and acted so well and to this lady she thought she was watching a movie but the police didn’t buy her story and they warned the lady about meeting a stranger on Facebook and invite them to their house.

By the next day she sent a message to this lady that she had been exposed and she was in a big mess and she would do all she can so the lady will be sent to jail.

This is a woman that announced her birth 3 weeks ago deceiving the whole world,lies on post of been in White house with first lady and requested women to register so they can come to US for conference,lied she ran for Imo state gov and was settled by Rochas to step down and will be running for same in 2019.

This a person that wants to start a project in all schools in Nigeria on how to live in Peace and Unity yet doesn’t have on. She uses her NGO and make people pay #1,200,000 to help in getting visa to America and Canada and uses it to enrich herself and yet get paid by UN every year.

The cab man I paid that went to bring her kids from New York she lied to him of knowing every musician and could help the man with his career and the poor Senegalese guy has fallen for her lies and has moved her into his home.

She can’t afford to pay rent but claims to be a billionaire.The world needs to investigates her because she’s truly not who she claims to be.

People have to be careful with her and not fall victim like my friend, her reason of causing this fight was to get away and not pay for all her credit and she did get away with it.

Attached is the police report she filed against my friend.


[Meshach Modebe writes from the US]