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How To Apply For Nigerian Passport In Canada, United States & London UK (2019 Guide)

nigerian passport application guide

How to Apply for Nigerian Passport in Canada, United States & London UK

Canada, United States and UK constitute three of the leading oversea destinations of Nigerians (and Africans). And with the recent development in Nigerian immigration policy, Nigerians in these countries can now apply for the Nigerian passport in their respective resident countries, without having to travel down to Nigeria to obtain it. This article provides comprehensive guides on how to apply for Nigerian passport in Canada, United States and UK.

It is a known fact that, many Nigerians born outside the country are yet to set foot on the Nigerian soil. In this case, such group of individuals, despite being Nigerians by blood, require the “green” passport to become officially recognized as Nigerian citizens.

Read on, as we bring you step-by-step guides on how you can easily apply for a Nigerian passport in your resident country, specifically in the US, the UK or Canada.

How To Apply for Nigerian Passport

Nigerian passport application process has become relatively easier over the past few years, as the strenuous part of the process is now carried out online. As such, regardless of your location, you can easily apply for a Nigerian passport directly from the comforts of your computer or even on your mobile phone.

However, the second stage of the process requires your physical presence at a designated passport office, which could be at any Nigerian immigration office, consulates or embassies/high commission (for those outside Nigeria).

Nevertheless, the general application process has been broken down in the outline below:

  • Navigate to the Nigerian Immigration portal.
  • Click on “e-Passport Application form” and select “Standard e-Passport”.
  • Fill in your details as appropriate to complete the application form.
  • Make payment (Naira and dollars are the accepted denominations). Passport application fee here.
  • After payment, you’ll be assigned a reference ID, unique code and a “Validation Number” (for payment confirmation).
  • Print your receipt and acknowledgement slip, using the validation number.
  • After validation (payment confirmation), you will be assigned an interview date.

After the online application, you’ll be required to visit your your preferred passport office (as stated during online application) for interview, documents verification and biometric data capture.

Supporting Documents For Applying For Nigerian Passport

Certain documents are required to facilitate Nigerian passport application process. Some of these documents include:

  • Valid ID card
  • Marriage Certificate (where applicable)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Parent’s Letter of Consent (where applicable)
  • Recent Passport Photographs (2 pieces)
  • Guarantor’s Form (where applicable).
  • Police Report (where applicable).

Nigerian Passport Application In Canada

If you reside in Canada and you are in need of a Nigerian passport, you don’t need to go through much hassle to obtain it.

how to apply for nigerian passport canada

To apply for a Nigerian passport in Canada:

  • Complete the online application here.
  • Under the preferred passport/immigration office, select Nigerian High Commission, Ottawa.
  • Make payment (you’ll be charged in dollars).
  • Submit your application, alongside supporting documents at the High Commission.

On your appointment/interview day at the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa, your documents would be verified, and your biometric data (fingerprints) would be captured.

The whole process, after biometric capture, typically takes three days, after which you would be notified of when to pick up your passport.

How to Apply for Nigerian Passport in the United States

The United States is arguably the leading oversea destination of Nigerians. According to a recent survey, one in every six black students in US colleges/universities is a Nigerian. This claim only seeks to emphasize the sheer population of Nigerians in the US.

how to apply for nigerian passport united states

To apply for a Nigerian passport in the US, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the home page on the Nigerian Immigration portal and fill the application form.
  • While filling the form, select one of following as your preferred passport office: Nigerian Consulate-General office in Atlanta, Office of the Consulate-General of Nigeria, New York or Nigerian Embassy in Washington D.C.
  • Make payment (in dollars).
  • On your appointment day at your chosen passport office (in Atlanta, New York or Washington D.C.), submit your application and the supporting documents.
  • Also, your passport photograph and biometric data would be captured at the passport office.

Within 3 to 5 days after your interview/biometric capture, you’ld be notified via email or SMS on when to pick up your passport.

How to Apply for Nigerian Passport in the UK

The United Kingdoms has a fairly large black population, with quite a number of them being Nigerians. Of all Nigerians living in the UK, only a handful of them have permanent residency; majority of them do not. Hence, some of these people might want to acquire the Nigerian passport for one reason or another.

how to apply for nigerian passport london uk

To apply for a Nigerian passport in the UK, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Fill the online form here.
  • Under preferred passport office, select Nigerian Consulate, West End, London.
  • Make payment (in dollars).
  • Book an appointment with the consulate
  • Submit your application (with required documents) on your appointment day.
  • Have your biometric data captured, alongside your passport photograph.

Upon successful application, interview and data (biometric and photograph) capture, the passport office (Nigerian Consulate in West End London) will notify you when your passport is ready. The waiting period, after biometric capture, is between 4 to 7 days.

Nigerian Passport Application Fee In Canada, United States and UK

Nigerian passport application fee is uniform in all countries, barring the irregularities/inconsistencies in exchange rates. While applicants in Nigeria can make their payments in either dollar or Naira, applicants outside Nigeria are required to pay in dollars.

The application fees of Nigerian passport outside Nigeria (in Canada, United States and UK) have been outlined below:

For the 64-page Passport:

  • Canada: $125
  • United States: $125
  • UK: $125 (£98)

For the 32-page passport:

  • Applicants – 0 to 17 years: $65.00 (£00)
  • Applicant – 18 to 59: $94 (£00)
  • Applicants – 60 and above: $65

Note: These fees are the official passport application charges, as designated by the Nigerian Immigration Service. On top of this, the processing embassy, consulate or commission also charges its own “processing” fee.


Gone are the days when Nigerian passport application requires very stiff processing. Today, Nigerians (home and abroad) are afforded the opportunity of applying for Nigerian passport from the convenience of their homes or offices, as everything is done online.

In this article, we have provided brief, precise, steps on how to apply for Nigerian passport in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdoms. Take your pick!.

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