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Nigerian Passport Renewal Guide: How To Renew Nigerian Passport In Canada, America, UK

how to renew nigerian passport houston atlanta

Nigerian Passport Application Renewal Guide: How To Renew Nigerian Passport In Canada, America, UK & All Over The World

Today we’ll be taking you through a comprehensive guide on how to renew a Nigerian passport.

The Nigerian Passport, which is often tagged “Nigerian International Passport“, is an essential document for Nigerian citizens, especially those who want to travel out of the country at one point or another.

Like most valid documents, the Nigerian passport has an expiry date, after which it needs to be renewed. A standard Nigerian passport has a validity of five years. However, based on recent changes in immigration policy (by FG) Nigerian passport now has a validity of 10 years. Hence, a Nigerian passport holder needs to renew his/her passport atleast once in a decade.

In addition, it should be noted that there are two types of Nigerian passports, which are classified on the basis of volume (pages). These are the “32-page passport” and the “64-page” passport. As such, if you exhaust the pages on your passport before it expires, you are also due for renewal.

Read on to know how you can renew your passport in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

How Long Does it take to Renew a Nigerian Passport?

As emphasized earlier, the Nigerian Government has extended the validity period of Nigerian passport from five years to ten years. This means you are required to renew your passport every 10 years. But, how long does a Nigerian passport renewal process takes?

A typical passport renewal process doesn’t take long. On average, everything should take nothing more than 3 days, barring any unforeseen circumstance like “unavailability of passport booklet” and the likes.

In case of any problem, the renewal process could take longer, usually between one week and two months.

How to Renew a Nigerian Passport

Today, the Nigerian Immigration has embraced technology and most of its operations are now automated. As such, visa application, passport application and passport renewal are now carried out online via dedicated portals.

To renew your passport, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Visit the Nigerian Immigration Passport application/renewal portal.
  2. Fill the application form online, and ensure you provide accurate and verifiable information.
  3. Proceed to make payment. It should be noted that passport renewal payment varies, depending on the type of passport you are holding.

There are two basic payment categories:

  • 64-page passport – #20,000 (fixed) or $125
  • 32 -page passport – variable (depend on applicant’s age grade).

The Nigerian 32-page passport renewal payment structure, as classified by age, is as follows:

  • 0 to 17 years – #8,750 or $64
  • 18 to 59 – #15,000 or $94
  • 60+ – #8,750 or $64

You can get more information on Nigerian passport fee here.

  1. After successful payment, you’ll be assigned a unique application ID and reference code. Write down the code & ID and keep them safe.
  2. Submit your passport renewal/application letter, along with the accompanying documents, to your “preferred immigration office” (usually the one closest to you).

Note: The accompanying documents include a copy of passport data page, old or expired passport and payment receipt or evidence of payment.

  1. At the passport office, your data (biometric) would be captured and verified.
  2. Upon successful verification, among other processes, you’ll be notified when your passport’s ready.

Passport renewal can be done in virtually all state immigration offices (HQs) in Nigeria.

When Can I Renew My Passport Before It Expires?

You can renew your passport before it expires. In fact, it is recommended that you initiate the renewal process between  six months and one week to expiration.

Nevertheless, you can still renew your passport even if it is still valid for more than six months. In this case, you’ll be required to submit a letter of “passport re-insuance” (as part of the accompanying documents), detailing why you want your passport renewed before expiration.

Nigerian Passport Renewal Outside Nigeria

Nigerian citizens living outside the country can also renew their passports in designated passport offices (Nigerian Embassies and Consulates) located in their resident countries.

While the basic application process is carried out online, submission and biometric data capture require physical presence at designated passport offices.

For convenience, we’ll focus on Nigerian passport renewal in some cities in the US and Canada.

Nigerian Passport Renewal in Houston

Houston is the administrative and commercial capital of the state of Texas in the United States. This city is home to many Nigerian expatriates, students and immigrants.

Although, the Nigerian Government has no physical presence in Houston, there are several certified travel agencies in the city. These agencies can help you process and speed up your passport renewal. One of such agencies is Nigerian Visa Services in Houston, Texas.

Nevertheless, the Nigerian consulates in Atlanta and New York, as well as the embassy in Washington D.C are only a few hours away (by flight) from Houston. Hence, during your application, you can choose one of the the consulates/embassy as your preferred passport office and book an appointment with them.

On the appointment day, your documents would be reviewed and your biometric data will be captured. If all your documents are intact and every other requirement is met, you’ll get a new passport within the next 72 hours or thereabout.

Nigerian Passport Renewal in Atlanta

Atlanta is widely regarded as the home of blacks in the US. It is one of the largest cities, alongside Chicago, with a relatively large black population. As such, it is home to many Nigerians. In fact, most Nigerian celebrities prefer to go on vacation in the city.

Atlanta (in Georgia) is one the most popular cities in the US and Nigeria has a consulate there. With the Nigerian consulate in Atlanta, Nigerians living within and around Atlanta can easily renew their passports without any form hassle.

While filling the passport renewal/application form on the portal, applicants can select l Nigerian Consulate in Atlanta as their preferred passport office. They can then proceed and book an appointment with the consulate.

Nigerian Passport Renewal in Edmonton Alberta & All Of Canada

Edmonton is one of the most prominent cities in Canada. It is one of the cities in Canada with a sizable number of Nigerian citizens. However, for anyone seeking to renew his/her passport in Canada, the best option is the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa, as there is no Nigerian embassy or consulate in Edmonton.

Nigerian citizens in Edmonton can easily log on to the NIS portal and complete their application. During the process, they can select the High commission (in Ottawa) as their preferred passport office and subsequently book an appointment with them.

Nigerian Passport Renewal Fee In Canada

Passport renewal fee in Canada is the same as other countries. The basic renewal fee is $125 for the 64-page passport. For the 32-page passport, however, the fees are:

  • 0 to 17 years: $65
  • 18 to 60: $94
  • 60+: $65

The above quoted figures are what is charged by the Nigerian Immigration Service for passport renewal. The processing Embassy, High commission or Consulate, charges its own “processing” fee. This fee, however, is not fixed and could range from $10 to $30 ( or more).

Note: The Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa accepts payment in either Naira or dollar.

 Where to Download Nigerian Passport Application Form PDF

The only credible channel for applying for a Nigerian passport is via the designated online portal. Any other site offering PDF download or online application for Nigerian passport or renewal is FAKE.

Hence, applicants are encouraged to go through the official channel and follow due process when applying for a Nigerian passport.

To apply for a Nigerian passport, go to NIS application portal and follow the on-screen commands.

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