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How To Apply For Mexico Student & Tourism Visa In Nigeria: Requirement, Appointment & Processing Time

how to apply mexico student study visa from nigeria


For most history and culture lovers, Mexico is one of the dream country they will like to visit in their lifetime. I assume you belong to this lot, which may be the reason why you are reading this. However, if you are just reading this as a matter of coincidence, you will surely be fascinated by the rich cultural and social heritage of the Mexicans. Here, we will be taking you through the process of obtaining a travel visa to Mexico. While we will be writing with more specificity to Nigerians, other nationalities can also benefit from this as there are little differences in getting a travel Visa to Mexico across nations. Mexico being one of the most affordable international destinations with their accommodating weather and their rich delicacies is surely a choice out of many. This article is prepared in such a way that it will be easy for you to obtain your Mexico travel visa.

Purpose of Travel

Gaining visa for international countries involves some scrutinizing process, which means your purpose and intended duration of travel would be well checked before you are being given access travel. The purpose of your travel determines the duration of your journey. While there is long-term visa for holidays, medical check-up, tourism, conference. There are long term visas such as student visa, Relocation Visa, Retirement Visa, Employment Visa. Therefore, you must sort out the kind of journey before applying for the Mexico travel visa to avoid getting the wrong visa.

Mexico Visa Requirement

  • Personal Appearance: The processing of your visa application require your personal presence at the Mexico Embassy, Abuja. You must note that this is the laid down process to ensure the validity of your biometric information.
  • International Passport: A valid international passport is one of the primary requirements that would be needed to make your visa application with Mexico visa Agents in Nigeria.
  • Passport Sized Photograph: A recently taken passport sized photograph of preferably white background will be required in your visa Document.The embassy would not accept a passport in which you are wearing any form of spectacle and you must be facing upfront. You should note these to avoid complications.
  • Sponsorship: You must be able to prove that you will be well sustained on your travel. This, you can do by providing at least, your last three bank statements and a notification of your current salary. If you are being sponsored however, you will need a duly signed letter which must be the original copy from your sponsor.
  • Letter Of Appointment/Acceptance: For people going to study or on a contract visitation, you will be required to present a letter of acceptance from your institution of choice or a letter of employment from your employer as the case may be.
  • Letter of Purpose: you will need a letter of purpose, stating your reason for traveling and choosing Mexico as your country of choice. You should state your date of entry and departure from the country.
  • Medical Clearance:Medical clearance from a reputable health centre clearing you of any form of transmittable disease.

Methods of Application

  1. Visa Application: To make the process more easier than the past, the Mexican embassy has made it possible to apply for the Mexico visa online via their website. visit https://mexico-visa-application-form.pdf fill and download the Mexico visa application form from the website
  2. Visa Appointment: After you must have fill and downloaded the visa application form online, you are to make a formal appointment with the Mexican embassy. You are to book appointment for Mexico visa via You will be required to create an account a choose the most convenient time for your appointment at the Mexico embassy.
  3. To avoid technical glitches, you are advised to use chrome browser to access the website. A confirmation letter which will be requested at the day of your appointment will be sent to the email address you provided in your account credentials. Appointment can take as early as one week and as long as four weeks, depending on the appointment schedules of the embassy at that time.

Mexico Visa Agents In Nigeria

The Mexico embassy situated at No. 39, Usuma Street, Maitama, Abuja is the main medium through which you can get your Mexico travel visa. Though there are other private agents that could play intermediary for you,  the best advice is for you to go through the Mexican embassy directly.

Mexico Travel Visa Processing Time

After you must have made an appointment and go through the normal interview during which you would have submitted your visa application form,  you will need to wait for a period of time for your visa to be processed. The length of your wait has to do with the kind of visa you applied for.  Mexico tourist visa processing time which is mainly for tourist on a short-term visit can not be compared with a Mexico student visa which is for long-term Visitation. Along-term visa would require much longer time to be processed than a short-term visa. Often times,  the visa processing time is between 1-4 weeks,  this may change however,  depending on technical issues that might arise in the course of processing your application.

Mexico Visa Processing Fee

If went through the stated procedure, Mexico travel Visa is affordable. More of the reason why we advised that you should avoid intermediaries.  With intermediaries/agents, you are sure to pay more and there is possibility of disappointment. Besides,  you might even get duped by fraudsters. For these and some other heartbroken cases,  you should steer clear of agents. Though, if you must,  then,  you should go for the more reputable ones.  The visa fee is different based on types.  The price for Business visa is different from tourist visa. Student visa is more affordable than relocation visa.  The average rate for Mexico visa fee is $36 U. S dollars.

With the process given above,  we have confidence that you can personally secure a Mexico travel Visa without any form of difficulty. Best of luck.

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  1. Gbemisola Taiwo

    July 24, 2018 at 3:46 PM

    Can the visa be obtained in Lagos?

  2. Prince Akano

    January 17, 2019 at 4:01 PM

    Hw can I get the Visa I want to go there for Bussiness

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