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How To Apply For Croatia Student, Study Visa From Nigeria: Visa Requirements, Fees & Step By Step Application Guide

how to apply croatian student visa nigeria

How To Apply For Croatia Study Visa In Nigeria: Visa Requirements, Fees & Step By Step Application Guide

Wanting to study abroad shouldn’t be an issue for any Nigerian as far as all the necessary documents and funds are in place. As with every other reason for traveling out of the country, there is a need for the intending traveler to have a valid visa which should cover the duration of the academic program.

That said, there is a handful of information that you need to arm yourself with if you want to successfully apply for a Croatian Student visa from Nigeria. That is the sole aim of this article. This piece is a short of guide for Nigerian citizens who want to travel to Croatia for educational reasons – those who want to go there to study, not for a field trip.

Some basic facts about Croatia

Croatia is a small South-Eastern European country that is composed of several isles. The capital city is Zagreb, and the national currency is the Croatian Kuna. The country has a rich cultural background and is located in a geographically exciting region replete with low mountains and is bordered by the Adriatic Sea.

The country is a member nation of the European Union (EU) and runs a parliamentary system of government. For foreigners visiting, they’ll need to apply for and get a valid and appropriate visa.

People from different nations including Nigeria are allowed to study in Croatia due to their good educational system. For this purpose, students intending to travel to the country need a valid Student visa. Disappointingly though, there is no Croatian embassy in Nigeria; but that doesn’t mean Nigerians are excluded from getting Croatian visas.

Keep reading to know how to go about obtaining a Croatian Student visa.

Types of Croatian Visas

There are many types of Croatian visas meant to be issued to intending foreigners based on the purpose of traveling. The following are the major types of Croatian visas:

  • Tourist visa: This type of visa is issued to persons seeking to visit the country for leisure. Any intending tourist to Croatia must possess a valid tourist visa before he can be gained entry.
  • Business visa: As the name implies, a Croatian business visa if required by foreigners who want to enter the country for business reasons.
  • Transit visa: People travel to other countries but making a brief stop in Croatia will need to obtain a transit visa.
  • Medical treatment visa: If you are visiting because you want to get medical treatment, then this is the visa type that you need.
  • Cultural/ Sports events/Study visa: For long-term visas, you may need to obtain any of the following: cultural, sports events, or study visa. This is the type of visa which we shall be focusing on for this article.
  • Visiting visa: If you are visiting a family member or a friend, or going for an official visit to Croatia, you will have to get a visiting visa.

Croatia Student Visa Requirements

For the successful application of a Student visa to Croatia, you will need the following documents to be ready during submission:

  1. Your Nigerian passport with a minimum of six months validity
  2. Two passport-sized photographs with a light background
  3. Letter of admission from the Croatian institution you are going to study in
  4. Original birth certificate
  5. A statement of purpose or letter of purpose detailing your reason for choosing to study in Croatia
  6. Academic transcript and credentials
  7. Proof of flight ticket
  8. Photocopies of all documents used during the admission process
  9. Police clearance
  10. Medical records from a recognized Nigerian hospital
  11. A letter of consent from the applicant’s parents (for persons under 18 years of age)
  12. Financial records or bank statement of your sponsor (if any) to prove that you are able to pay for your studies and live in Croatia for the duration of the program
  13. Filled out visa application form and duly endorsed by the applicant (you can download the form online at
  14. Any other document as may be required by the Croatian embassy

How to obtain the Croatian Student Visa in Nigeria

The application process for the Croatian Student Visa in Nigeria is quite different from that of other countries. This is partly because of the fact that there is no Croatian embassy in Nigeria. Nonetheless, there is a Croatia visa application center (VFS office) where intending applicants can go to. The center is at No 38 Lobito Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja.

Visit the visa application center to submit your documents: After gathering all the necessary documents (originals and photocopies), you can then proceed to the visa application center to physically submit them. Before submission can be made, you will be required to pay a non-refundable application processing fee. Ensure that you know and go with the exact fee to prevent any troubles. In addition, it is very important that all the documents you are submitting are genuine to prevent outright or later disapproval.

Do the required biometric fingerprint scan: Part of the application process requires that all visa applicants enroll for biometric fingerprint scans to capture their data.

Go for the interview: All long-term stay visa applicants (including Student visa applicants) are to undergo a physical interview. This can be done at the visa application center on a later scheduled date or at the Croatian embassy in South Africa.

Wait for the application result: You can track your application to know whether it is successful or not. This can be done online. The processing period can be lengthy due to the fact that all received visa applications are forwarded to the Croatian Embassy in South Africa, which is in charge of giving the final results.


All being said, this post is intended for informational purposes, and the content is subject to change. Hence, you may need to get some more details when applying for a Croatian Student visa.

Nevertheless, this article is helpful for those who want to gain knowledge about the basic requirements for Croatian Student visa application. wishes you success in your academics endeavour.

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