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How To Find A Good Nigerian Man

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How To Find A Good Nigerian Man

Finding a good Nigerian man is doable and possible but it will only come with a lot of patience. There are men and there are kids in men skin so finding the men will take time.

TO FIND A GOOD NIGERIAN MAN, DO THE FOLLOWING and please don’t forget to come back here to give your testimonies free of charge. Freely you get please give freely

(1) Take your time. Taking your time can sounds like a lot of time especially when age is not on your side but to tell you the truth, it will pay off. Someone once told me it’s better not to marry than to fall into the hand of a wrong guy. Your man will determine your destiny and your eternity please be careful.

I have a friend that rushed into all these online Nigerian men she ended up regretting because after she got pregnant she later realized this guy is lying to him and it made her situation worse. The problem I see with meeting Nigerian men online is that over 89% of them are liars that are just looking for women to mess up with please my sister be very very careful. You will not fall prey to these silly Nigerian mens that are all over the net seeking for Nigerian women to destroy.

(2) Take good care of yourself. This is a tricky subject. Taking care of yourself means taking your health seriously, rest well, eat well, do not eat fatty food and avoid stress. Do you know how fast people age when they are under lots of stress?.

(3) Look take away. This is a typical phrase, if you are not a Nigerian, you can’t understand this. It means to dress really well. You don’t have to look expensive, just dress simple and cool that is all you need. I will talk better about this in my upcoming posts

(4) Participate. Participation is an important thing in our today society. The first place to participate is in Church. Please don’t have the motive of finding a husband prior to participating. See participation as a way of getting out of your shell and coming all out. Well I happen to have friends that have married in church severally so finding a right man in church is doable only if you can participate and get involved

(5) Talk to someone your trust. Talking to someone about your singleness (LOL) is a good thing, it opens you up to a potential man. So keep this in mind instead of being shy about it, open up and say it as it is.

(6) Back Home In Nigeria. Many people always tell me going back to Nigeria to marry  is only for women with no age on their side. No my sister its not so, you can go back home if you choose to. Have you seen how many men go home to marry cute girls that are in their 16 -18 we women can do the same thing.

You have to be careful about finding men at home though, you can talk to your family or friends to connect you with a guy they know well and trust. This will save you a lot of pain trust me

(7) Back to online dating. I know of several friends that have found love online, you too can find your man online only if you can be really careful. Don’t trust any man just because of what he tells you. You must know that men can be very tricky especially Nigerian men. I don’t have anything against Nigerian men but with my experience with few bad ones, I will say be careful.

You can give a try.

After finding or meeting any man, pray to God about it. Remember hidden things are nothing hidden to God. God will tell you if this man is truthful or not. Please pray before making your final decision my dear sisters.

Do not let love blind your eye. Be careful of every little thing watch out for red signals and make your decisions wisely. Remember shines your eye well well ( This language is a Nigerian slang so if you are not a Nigerian, ask me the meaning)

If you find your man and he has some bad habit you can’t cope with be sure to excuse yourself because if he can’t change while you are dating him, he can’t change when you get married.

All the best in your search for a good man and I wish you all the best

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. belinda

    March 14, 2014 at 4:41 AM

    wow thanks for the good advice

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