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How To Get NYSC Certificate Of Exemption & Letter Of Exclusion From Service

how to get nysc certificate exemption exclusion letter


Guide To Obtaining NYSC Exception & Exclusion Letter: How To Get NYSC Certificate Of Exemption & Letter Of Exclusion From Service

Anyone, whether a foreign or Nigerian graduate, who has completed his undergraduate studies in any Nigerian University, College of Technology, or Polytechnic is mandated to serve the nation and participate in the National Youth Service for just one year.

However, there are certain exceptions to this mandatory rule. If there are certain reasons for which a Nigerian student may not be eligible to participate in the NYSC program, then a letter of exemption must be issued to that person based on the particular circumstance under which he’s being exempted. This is called “NYSC certificate of exemption”.

What is the NYSC Exemption Certificate?

The NYSC exemption certificate is a letter issued to anyone who, by certain rules, is not eligible to participate in the one-year National Youth Service.

What are the Circumstances for Exemption from NYSC Participation?

You’re not eligible to participate in the NYSC one-year program and won’t receive the call-up letter if:

  • You are already 31 years old and above: The maximum age for qualifying for the one-year national youth service is 30 years.
  • You’re a part-time student of any university home and abroad: You won’t be called up for the one-year service if you completed the undergraduate studies as a part-timer.
  • You’ve been assigned a national honor.
  • You’ve been in the Nigerian Police Force service or in the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for a period of not less than 10 months; or
  • You belong to any of the following services:
  1. The National Intelligence Agency (NIA)
  2. The Nigerian Security Organization (NSO)
  3. The Defence Intelligence Service (DIS)
  4. The State Security Service (SSS)

Steps for Collecting the NYSC Letter of Exemption

If you’re a Nigerian graduate, below is the process for getting your NYSC exemption letter:

The whole process starts with the corps producing universities and polytechnics.

The higher institutions attended by the corps. The institution submits the broad list of all the graduates together with the Senate certified result to the National Youth Service Corps.

A final print-out is then made by the National Youth Service Corps specifying those to receive the call-up letters and those to receive the NYSC certificates of exemption. These processed lists are then forwarded to the respective universities and polytechnics for modifications and proper adjustments after which they will be sent back to the National Youth Service Corps as a modified/adjusted document.

Once the modified lists have been received by the NYSC, the letters of exemption are then processed, kept in files and returned back to the respective institutions for collection by those who have been exempted from the one-year national youth service.

The appropriate persons are expected to collect their exemption certificates, not at the National Youths Service Corps office, but at their respective institutions where they graduated from.

If you’re a foreign graduate, below is the process for getting your NYSC exemption certificate:

The whole process starts with the verification of your national identification documents such as the driver’s license, international passport, or any other similar document.

Once the verification of the national identification documents has been completed, the foreign graduate will then go through registration which is done offline at the National Youths Service Corps Directorate office in the federal capital territory, Abuja.

Right at the registration venue in Abuja, the decision is made on whom to receive the call-up letters, and whom to get the exemption certificates. Once the decision has been made right there, the letters of exemption from the one-year National Youth Service are then produced and distributed to the appropriate persons.

Unlike the case of the home-trained graduates, the exemption letters produced for the foreign-trained graduates are issued at the National Youths Service Corps Directorate office in Abuja.

Just as there are three batches in which the conventional graduates receive their call-up letters in the year, the NYSC exempted graduates also receive their letters of exemption in three batches across the year and everybody falls into a batch based on their time of registration at the NYSC directorate office.

For instance, for the year 2018, the NYSC produced exemption letters have been issued to the first two batches remaining the third and last batch to be issued soon.

Issuance of NYSC certificate of exemption is strictly based on e-verifiable national identification documents such as National driver’s license, National voter’s card, or International passport, and the physical appearance of the respective student is strictly required.

These are required to prevent the wrong people from getting the original NYSC certificate of exemption. Despite these measures by the federal government, a lot of Nigerians still produce the fake NYSC certificates around and use it to secure white collar jobs in this country. Some get caught right from the interview stage while others escape and get the job without being caught at all.

Issues with those who Present the Wrong Ages

One of the most critical issues Nigeria has been facing so far is a long list of the people who present the wrong age. Statistically, over 40% of those who receive the call-up letters to the one-year NYSC program every year are people who forged their ages while some people also used the fake exemption age to get the exemption certificate/letter from the National Youths Service Corps.

The implication of forging an age for the NYSC program is strictly associated with your educational fortune. The repercussion may tell on you even when you will have got to the high positions in the government offices. Toying with the highly-implicating act can jeopardize your career in the future.

So, if you’re not eligible for the one-year national service, go for the right process by applying for your exemption letter. If you’re eligible to participate in the one-year service, don’t hesitate to see that as an opportunity.

How do you print out the NYSC exemption certificate online?

In order to print the NYSC certificate of exemption online, the process is simply done by logging on to the NYSC online portal through The printing process is quickly done by logging in with your account username and password. Once you’ve successfully logged in your account, you’ll be able to print your letter of exemption straightaway.

The NYSC discharge certificate, exemption and exclusion letters take the formats below:

nysc letter of exclusion
pictures of nysc exemption certificate

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  1. Judith Omogbon

    September 18, 2018 at 7:14 PM

    Thank you, am 36 and never went for NYSC, I will apply for exception

  2. Jilo

    September 18, 2018 at 7:24 PM

    Thanks for the info. This is the same information given to me when I first applied in 2006 at NYSC office Abeokuta. My problem is to travel down to ABUJA because they told me I have to appear in person regardless. First, I’m really scare of our non-functioning Air Plane and I couldn’t travel by road because of problems associated with robbery, kidnapping, bad roads etc.

    My question is why should I go all the way to Abuja when I can do the same thing right here in the south. All we need is competent officials who can verify all your documents and forward it to Abuja. We are still doing things in primitive ways. I got my original certificate before my graduation day in the US while some people who graduated from Nigeria Universities 5 years ago are still waiting for their certificate to be issued. This is 2018 for crying out loud, we don’t have to centralize the whole process tying to Abuja common now! I’m still hoping to get this done even though I’m too old but it is my entitlement.

  3. Ngochal Gurmji Ngolar

    May 21, 2019 at 5:40 AM

    Am a graduate from university of Jos, a part time student. My department has been sending my information to the school’s student affairs department for it to forwarded to nysc for my exclusion letter till now no record found. What do I do please. I graduated since April 2014

  4. kolawole fetus

    July 16, 2019 at 5:49 PM

    Tanz for ur informations to educate&bail us from ignorance bondage, ve graduated since 2010 from olabisi onabanjo university for higher diploma in which I had secured my pgd but ve not gotten my nysc exclusion letter; what can I do sir/ma?


    November 16, 2019 at 5:47 PM

    I graduated from Center for Distance Learning University of Abuja since 2016, i have not gotten my Exclusion Certificate, though i have since then applied through school student affairs. Please how can i get it now, need information on how to go about it. Thanks

  6. Ruth Adams

    January 7, 2021 at 1:28 AM

    I graduated from nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic Zaria 2015 but have not collect my exemption letter. Please I need it urgently.

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